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  1. Some shots and footage of the Americans in Wartime Museum's EFV automotive test rig:
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  2. DogDodger

    Israeli AFVs

    Going a bit old school in Virginia over the weekend:
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  3. Scolopax

    Israeli AFVs

    Took me a while to figure it out, but the vehicle that first appears at 0:57 would seem to be UDI's test rig for the Advanced Assault Amphibian Vehicle, a project that would become the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (which GDLS won the contract to further develop.) I am surprised this thing is still around and in private hands.
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  4. Babcock selected to run the Type 31e Frigate program for the UK.. https://www.janes.com/article/91166/babcock-claims-uk-type-31e-frigate-prize
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  5. The MG3 has had an almost cult like following in the Norwegian military (also true for the AG3), but as more and more soldiers get their hands on the new MGs there has been less and less noise about “Hitler’s Buzzsaw” and its godlike rate of fire. I’ve never encountered anyone with experience with both the MG3 and the MAG who doesn’t prefer the latter.
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  6. The system used by the Mg42 and G3 has a lot of issues regarding "less than optimal" ammo. In that "it does not. It shits the bed". Even the Pig will choke, hiccup and fart, and a bit of twiddelery-fuckery will persuade it to work. Not so with the Mg3. If it farts, shit has gone pear shaped, and you now have a club.
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  7. Meplat

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Warthunder introduced Phantoms. The circle is complete. Unlock the sixth gate, and release the demons.
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