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  2. The new small Pantsir missiles against small drones and PGM.
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    http://www.opex360.com/2020/06/16/un-officier-et-deux-soldats-indiens-tues-lors-dune-confrontation-violente-avec-larmee-chinoise/ This site gives the following timeline: -5th may: 250 Chinese soldier cross the frontier and a stick fight occur with Indian soldiers (according to India) -16 June: China accuse India to have violated the frontier and conducted "illegal" operations and provoked an attack on Chinese soldiers -According to India a fight occurs (stick and stones this time) making victims on both sides. One officer (a colonel according to Indian Today)
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  4. During following six-and-a-half weeks I've managed to put all of those images into folders, rotate them, and rename properly. /with Moscow lifting some of COVID-related restrictions, I hope to visit RSL either during this weekend, or next one. Since they've put a limit on number of books one can request during his visit, making photos of some books from cover to cover seems now like a preferable way to spend time there./
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