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  1. Found a few higher resolution photographs from the recent North Korean military parade. We didn't have a topic for BEST KOREAN armored fighting vehicles, so here it is. New main battle tank, Abrams-Armata clone based on Ch'ŏnma turret design (welded, box-shaped turret) and Sŏn'gun hull design (i.e. centerline driver's position). The bolts of the armor on the hull front is finally visible given the increased resolution. It might not be ERA given the lack of lines inbetween. Maybe is a NERA module akin to the MEXAS hull add-on armor for the Leopard 2A5? Other details incl
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  2. Marsh

    Israeli AFVs

    About 20 years ago I was sent photos, out of the blue, of Merkavas with the experimental Purple Thunder active defence system and an older, bulkier set up which I have never found out the name. I tore the photos into very small pieces and never mentioned them in any of my articles. Now, it seems, Purple Thunder has been declassified
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  3. Offisersbladet claims that the US Army is consdiering the K9 Thunder for their forces in South Korea. I couldn't find any other source confirming this, so it seems dubious, but this is also the same journal that revealed that Germany had decided to acquire Trophy before that was made official too... Source: https://dittmagasin.no/offisersbladet/utgivelser/offisersbladet_0520_flip (page 19)
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  4. Serge

    French flair

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  5. LoooSeR

    Israeli AFVs

    Interesting link was posted on otvaga. https://david-2.livejournal.com/603749.html "Raam Segol" soft-kill APS from late 1990s.
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  6. I know right?! Also, I love how he's so free with his critiques of the competition threads and our "general knowledge Levels" Along with singing his own praises... And yet, he's been here ALL THIS TIME and has somehow not managed to find subforum DOCUMENT REPOSITORY LINKS stickied at the top of every forum menu for each subcategory at SH! Real high IQ hours. If you read this spoony boy, go look in the clearly marked fucking folders... Reevaluate your life, reevaluate your attitude, realize that we all also have a metric fuck ton of shit that isn'
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