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  1. Successful test-fire of an MdCN cruise missile by the Suffren, which is a new capability for the navy:
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  2. Granted there is no need at the moment, but I think that those 100 missiles represent about 1/5th of the stock which is significant given our general propension to have barely enough ammo in stock for limited engagement times. If I remember correctly the initial intervention in Libya, almost emptied our ammunition stock and it took two years to bring them back to pre war levels.
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  3. David Moyes

    Italian’s car

    Official literature lists only one. In a H-Drive system I believe that a differential-like component for an individual wheel would be classified as a (limiter/reducer?) gearbox.
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  4. Su-25SM3 launching Kh-25ML (laser guided missile)
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  5. Laviduce

    French flair

    AMX-56 .... AMX-56 !!!????
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