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  2. The Venezuelan army has restored an M32 recovery vehicle to service.
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  3. Ah, if it was converted from an M32B3 then it's an M74B1.
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  4. @DogDodger According to Infodefensa, they received a pair of M32s in 1945 as Lend-lease aid. https://www.infodefensa.com/latam/2016/07/19/opinion-venezuela-actualizacion-parque-medios-blindados.php
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  5. On version eight point one of the turret and version one point thirty-four of my hull (don't ask), but we're getting there: Current weight is 62.1 tons. As a benchmark, I'm looking at about 585mm penetration at 2,000 yards on a flat surface, or about 495mm on a surface angled 60 degrees from vertical. The gun itself is highly silly, it's a 5inch (127mm) high velocity cannon and I'm getting about 5,100 ft/s with APDS. Muzzle energy (before sabot separation) is an estimated 28.7 MJ. Compare to the 120mm M58's 13 MJ. Nuts. Armor is 600mm RHAe vs KE throughout the 20 degree frontal arc on the turret, each side, and about 550mm vs the same on the front hull, through the same arc. Side armor is... silly. The skirts are 9 inches thick and made of NERA and fuel. Behind that is the suspension, another layer of HHA, more fuel, and then the hull armor. The engine I'm working with is a bored-out AVDS-1790 which is getting an estimated 1,200 horsepower. An MTU MB 873 would also fit, with a little rearranging of cleaners and turbos and things, so the power density is by no means exceptional (check that fat ass!). With that engine and 6,666 lbs of internal fuel, I'm getting an estimated 901 miles of range. So, not bad. "Well do ya, punk?"
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  7. I am just joking. I am guessing the practical limit is 40 ton, since more than 4 axles are rare on AFVs. @Sturgeon I am going to laugh my ass off if this ends up being the winning submisson, just replace the crane with a cannon.
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