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  1. Had the fantastic opportunity to PMCS, boresight, and road test a M1A2 SEPv3 from 4-9 CAV at Ft. Hood today. https://i.imgur.com/X0GEL89.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/h0McxcP.mp4 Many images: I can confirm the photo I posted previously that the turret weight of the SEPv3 31.5 tons (28.6 metric tons). I have a photo of the name plate but I haven't removed the serial numbers to upload it. I also made an extremely rough estimation of the turret armor LOS using my boot and then measuring my boot after (I didn't have a measuring tape on the tank nor did I want to piss off the crew). Using this very rough method I found the armor to be at least 1150mm LOS including the backplate. I may be able to get back on a SEPv3 next Monday.
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  2. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/07/27/2269516/0/en/United-States-Army-Contracting-Command-Detroit-Arsenal-has-awarded-Point-Blank-Enterprises-Inc-Contract-for-Concept-Design-for-the-U-S-Army-s-Optionally-Manned-Fighting-Vehicle-OMF.html Looks remarkably similar to the Israeli Carmel project.
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  3. http://j-tecassociates.com/military-tank-crosswind-sensor/
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  4. What’s that rod /tube thing on the last 2 photo’s?
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  5. thank goodness we've gotten past all that and embraced robust, strong soviet policy which handily out-competed it.
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  6. K1A2s and K242s of the 30th Armored Brigade K1A2s K242s
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  7. By having the capitalist Americans build all your factories and bureaus? Yeah, that is one way.
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  8. British procurement looking more like that of India every day , evil tongues could say of same folks running the show .
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