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  1. So something specific to firearms engineers is that being "bi-lingual" is a must. So, for example, my documents are all set on metric. But every dimension is conceived in inches. Fortunately, Solidworks provides for this, so I end up typing "in" a lot.
  2. I'm doing all my work in metric and submitting in inches because I'm deranged.
  3. Quintuple power posting: This competition does have a "gimmick" btw. It's not secret, it's built into the spec you've already seen. It might be fun for you guys to guess what it is!
  4. The Cali comp was just this huge learning experience for the showrunners. We learned the wrong lessons from the Cascadian competition, specifically that our members could handle a lot more than we were throwing at them. It's honestly a testament to everybody here that you even tried to meet the challenge of the Cali comp. Throwing in deliberate, planned requirements changes mid-stream was just... Cruel. We'll probably use that gimmick again, but definitely not with a competition as rigorous as that one.
  5. For the record, no we are not doing that this time. Not deliberately, anyway.
  6. Yep, what you don't know is the "gimmick" of the California comp was from the get-go to pull the rug out from everyone. All those requirements changes were planned ahead of time. Really.
  7. Real quick I just want to say something regarding all the strange last-minute rules clarifications and de-facto requirements additions. This competition was originally considered less than a mini-comp. The Texas truck competition collapsed so badly that I didn't think it would garner any interest again, but me and another member wanted to try our hands at an MBT anyway. Once I opened it to everyone, interest exploded, and the OP was now under a lot more scrutiny and force of creativity than I expected. (Now, having said that, I am very proud of the specification I laid down as I think it strik
  8. We've already got guys working on segmented rods. I wouldn't dream of pulling the rug out from under them at the last minute! (Yes segmented rods are ok).
  9. Uh also please note 15:1 LD applies to both solid steel and composite penetrators. For those of you thinking you'll get a 21:1 LD penetrator by gluing a 6:1 tungsten penetrator to a 15:1 steel penetrator. The reasoning here is seriously stop trying to cheat that the bonding capabilities of Texan engineers are not any better in terms of integrity under high g than the solid materials themselves.
  10. M1 steel is fine, I explicitly recommended it on the discord. Shall we say, tungsten content no higher than 20%?
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