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  1. What the fuck do you think you're doing now? LMAO projection, much? With your shitty attitude? We mind mightily. You've been a banned man walking for months, now. It's funny that now you're professing your ignorance on virtually every subject from materials to engineering to what hole the square block goes into, but months ago you waltzed around chewing people out for how "ignorant" you thought they were because they didn't think Tiger was the best thing since sliced bread.
  2. We should also note that these are not just nasty surprises the judges are pulling on people, these threats are described in previous competitions (either weapons of the winners, or threats described in other solicitations). Plus, you can simply infer their existence based on the history of the 20th Century.
  3. I notice that most 2247 competitors would probably eat Stumpy alive. Comanche for example has ~530mm RHA pen at 2kyd. Plus Comanche is immune to the 85mm on Stimpy through a generous frontal arc. Kind of funny since Stimpy is supposed to be a later tank.
  4. Huh. I didn't realize that was the case. Why don't we see more straight HE in modern MBTs then?
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