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  1. By having the capitalist Americans build all your factories and bureaus? Yeah, that is one way.
  2. thank goodness we've gotten past all that and embraced robust, strong soviet policy which handily out-competed it.
  3. Some even more illuminating photos.
  4. Oh sure I thought there was something else illuminating in those photos we hadn't established.
  5. I can tell you once I started laying out Comanche's turret it became obvious how bad CR2's armor must be.
  6. Yeah you're right about that. Maybe I just hang out too much here.
  7. Idk man it seems to be largely falling apart to me.
  8. Watching the mythology of Challenger 2 collapse finally after all these years has been deeply satisfying to me.
  9. @A. T. Mahan @Dominus Dolorem @Lord_James @delete013, the new deadline is Saturday the 24th of July. The judges agree that the time has come, so consider it firm.
  10. Hah, that's interesting. Hunnicutt makes it seem like they standardized most/all of it. Thank you, my mistake. Thank you for the apology. I'm not going to ban you, of course. I know your posting record here and BTTR. But, you know, be nice to the admin hahah. My meaning was simply "Poland has gotten invaded before". Nothing beyond that, not even an intent of "something something nazi tank blitzkrieg." How many tanks does Poland need? That's for them to decide. With this buy of Abrams, it will be easier for them to justify divesting their older vehicles. Like I said, maybe it's just my attitude but I would take the wins where I could. You and I should talk Leos sometime, I'm still learning about it (and modern tanks in general).
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