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  1. Ohohoh, you'd like to be a moderator would you? I can arrange that.
  2. Oh indeed, and no doubt they wouldn't stop there. Germans are very resourceful after all! They'd also redesign the hull for a low profile, sponsonless arrangement with rear drive, switch from interleaved roadwheels to a Christie type arrangement, delete the bow gunner, redesign the exhaust system, replace the troublesome turret traverse mechanism, integrate new unity periscopes for every crew station, delete the unnecessarily complex and difficult to replace dual torsion bars with a slicker single bar arrangement, redesign the KwK 43 to have a concentric recoil mechanism and enlarge the bore t
  3. Yes it was very nice of the Nazis to set up a bunch of research projects while they desperately needed those resources to win the war, so the Allies could swoop in and scoop up whatever projects they hadn't already been working on!
  4. You've never talked to an actual tanker in your life, have you?
  5. Arracourt begs to differ. Oh, you mean it have beeg gun n thicc armor. Yes, so did the Char 2C, yet nobody pretends it's anything but a dead end. Perhaps the answer lies in a difference of nationality? 🤔
  6. They sort of were sort of weren't. The engineering manager's grift was a baked in feature of the late Nazi state. So they created tons of, effectively, research projects that they then used as weapons. This really just means they were the only ones daft enough to do this, not that they were necessarily meaningfully ahead in these areas.
  7. It's a generation ahead! All tanks of 1950s have 75mm gun, front-drive transmission, interleaved roadwheels, and die to early 1940s Soviet anti-tank rifles!
  8. He can't. Or, won't. He's lost this argument five or six times already.
  9. What I find most amusing about this is that the attitude he attributes to us towards the T-34 is entirely his own invention. Nobody mentioned the T-34 (except Beer, and only in passing) before he brought it up. It's clear and obvious whataboutism he's using in a very pathetic attempt to disguise the fact the he got absolutely reamed for a new garbage chute size in this argument.
  10. To say you're "not arguing in good faith" is a criminal understatement. At this point, you're just acting a clown, and I'm happy to let you do so. Carry on.
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