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  1. Got one for myself... at a bargain cost of $13 plus $35.48 for handling. Damn it's pricey.
  2. I've never liked Sumeragi. I watched the incident, and it surely did worth a popcorn. Hellcats are...well...useful when used as a bait for ATGMs
  3. It's a very very long story so just a quick summary for now...got no time these days unfortunately 1. Daigensui(or Sumeragi; 스메라기) first appeared on Korean WOT forum 2 years ago. He introduced himself as a Korean-Japanese woman currently living in Canada and working as a consultator for WOT Japanese tank tree. Then he quickly succeeded in forming a group of fanboys, but not everyone liked him as his fanboys were somehow ruining the forum, and himself was problematic. 2. On June 7th 2014 some WOT players casted doubt on Sumeragi's gender. #Link1 #Link2 3. Then one of the forum membe
  4. Sumeragi is the one that put M18 in Wargame RD. He(NOT she) was kicked from several Korean internet communities including the WOT forum last year, but seems he's still spreading false and biased information on other forums...
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