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  1. Good timing on those photos. I'm surprised the top one is so clear, you'd think the muzzle blast would shake the camera.
  2. Time for another tank story: This time it is the early '90s, I'm a TC on an M1A1 in the Oregon National Guard, G Trp 82nd Cav. Annual training at Gowen Field, Orchards Training Center, outside of Boise ID. This didn't happen to me, but I witnessed the event. We were down range on the night portion of TT VIII. My buddy Duncan was the gunner on the Platoon Sergeant's tank. This happened during Duncan's run. It was what we called the "Widow Maker": on the move, NBC environment, two targets, a BMP & then a troop target. During this engagement, Duncan's TC gives the fire
  3. Either way, that would've been a huge pain to clear.
  4. Another time when I was driving an M60A3 in the LTA (Local Training Area), I was the 2nd tank in the column as we approached a rather large mud puddle. More like a mud pit. My buddy Ray was driving the lead tank, the platoon leader's. He comes up to the hole and drives right in, not slowing down much. SPLASH! SPLAT! The mud flew up and splattered the TC, the 2LT wasn't happy, but Ray was drenched in mud as he was driving with the hatch open. Just as they cleared the pit, I rolled up, fortunately I had slowed down as to not run into them and the mud only flowed up to, but not into, the driver'
  5. This one time in the Army (I'm required to start all my army stories this way by my wife).... Well I was a driver on an M60A3 when I was in C Co. 1/70 AR in Germany in 1983. We were driving down this tank trail, the lead tank of our platoon, when this crunchy (infantryman) pops out from behind a tree. He was about 50 meters or so down the tank trail when he holds up his rifle across his body in a "Halt!" fashion. I ask my TC if I should stop & he says to keep on driving. The crunchy motions for us to "Halt" a couple more times in an increasingly more aggressive and desperate fa
  6. I remember seeing this on our tanks in the ORNG, I forgot what they did.
  7. Why the end connector on the fender latch lever? To keep the lever from dropping too far?
  8. We had a guy in our unit lose the tip of a finger doing pretty much the same thing. Transferring ammo from one side of the rack to the other, the TC's side is un-powered and it rolled back and the guy didn't get his hand out of the way quick enough. Nick's wistful reminition on being back in the tank, I've felt that as well. You spend as many hours in these things as you do, they grow on you. I guess that's how sailors feel when they go back aboard ships that they've served on.
  9. Other than the Sherman bogies, that is not bad.
  10. Here's one from my personal way back machine. Bon Jovi on a tank, 5/77 Armor, Mannheim Germany, 1984. We had a guy in our battalion, Terry Svejda, that was always going on about how he "knew" people in the music business. His dad owned a few music store in Chicago. He was a huge KISS fan and they were touring Europe, and he said he was going to get them to come visit our unit. Turns out he just got the opening band, Bon Jovi. Terry is standing on the right in the black jacket.
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