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  1. Apparently it will be a line in the British tree. So have fun grinding 5 British vehicles for each SA vehicle you want to play!
  2. Well... not exactly an armored fighting vehicle, but still!
  3. I've been playing planes at 2.0-2.3 Arcade and to be honest it's a lot of fun just derping around in a big giant furball in a Spitfire.
  4. @Collimatrix you fucking hear this? HTS is dispersing people protesting against RU/TR patrols. So HTS is agreeing with those patrols. What is this fucking timeline man.
  5. MaT: eKsHuALLy, it was a drug dealer leaving with his family and we let them leave. Well, kinda, because we did have a firefight when they tried to leave. And we totally won that. Totally! Heh.
  6. Halving the available reaction time and the actual intercept time is pretty huge. Especially since, as you already pointed out, it isn't easy to degrade a penetrator's effectiveness, but it is possible. The most common method (and to be honest, its the only feasible method at the moment) is to introduce yaw in the penetrator by having an explosion push on the stabilising fins. And since the thing is moving at ~1500-1600 m/s, you don't have that much time to actually do so.
  7. Nicely shows why it's difficult to intercept APFSDS. Shit's fast yo.
  8. Germany is a bad example for energy emissions because they decided to close all their nuclear plants and decided to take up the slack with... Coal and lignite. Can't really go worse emission-wise than those two.
  9. Alright, I forgot about this. I have a whole bunch of stories from the time my dad was in the army, for a reunion they made a little book with all sorts of stories from their time as hussars. I'll try to make a nice story from a bunch of them. Over there in the Netherlands we don't have those massive training areas like they have in the US or Germany, we have to make do with smaller ranges or have areas where we can't fire weapons. The only area where tanks can fire their guns is on a range called "Vliehors", which is on one of our islands. Every once in a while they go
  10. Explosive ordnance types found in Afghanistan: https://jmu.edu/cisr/research/OIG/Afghanistan/high res/ Explosive ordnance types found in Iraq: https://jmu.edu/cisr/research/OIG/Iraq/highres/
  11. Good thing I immediately saved it when someone linked the full source: https://mega.nz/#!opMXQI4Y!FYsJor8vYic7ZdjiETtbPIna20PAOVhjPEML9MTmilU
  12. (Or the complete models so I can CFD them ) Welcome to SH by the way!
  13. Do tank stories from dad count?
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/TitanicKyle/status/1117926588652371968 Interior seems to be mostly intact!
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