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  1. I don't think I ever posted my especially shiny B76 in here. I also managed to get quite the rare catch recently as well (which is very similar to another recent acquisition). Had a lot of overcast skies lately, so have been able to snag less shitty pics.
  2. I haven't been posting many of my odd acquisitions here lately
  3. Yup, I like his stuff. Won't have a computer till tomorrow evening, so haven't done any serious googling yet. The gun's looks alone at the store caught my eyes, but the price tag stopped me from getting too interested until I got home and saw his video showing the guts of the gun. The only other time that I've had such a mighty need for something was when getting my super vepr. The B76 at the gun store is in a similar condition and price as the one on armslist right now, has the box too. I seem to have developed an unfortunate habit of finding a cool gun, researching it, then s
  4. Does anyone here have any personal experience with the Benalli B76? I didn't realize how much I needed one until I saw one at my LGS. Seems like a perfect blend to me of well made, mechanically interesting, and visually interesting. If I was interested in buying a gun for purely practical reasons, I would not be looking at this. Apparently it doesn't like hollow points, but I wasn't planning to shoot hollow points from it anyways. As a bonus, sounds like it's on the less expensive end of the snazzy steel framed 9mm market. Considering selling something from my stash to get it,
  5. So I just unlocked the T30. Thanks to overmatch and its Russian levels of slope modifiers on the M112B1 ABPC shell, it can kill a T-64A through the front hull from at least 500m (same with the T-55AM-1 and IS-6). Haven't really had much of a chance yet to play it much.
  6. Was rather busy at the time so wasn't able to give the full video a proper watch through, but the person I originally got that from neglected to mention that the person speaking was some dude stretching things to intentionally make it sound bad. I couldn't really find much at the time of posting that to fact check with, including the actual document, but my time has freed up now. How bad it actually is probably depends on how pessimistic you are, but reads to me like it doesn't really change anything. https://undocs.org/A/CONF.231/3 Relevant area is objective 17 "Elim
  7. "Western Europe is part of the free world" "Hate speech laws are OK and aren't a slippery slope ripe for abuse" Guy states that some EU countries are set to sign a non-binding agreement on expanding hate speech legislation, especially in regards to criticism towards EU immigration policies. When the EU first came to be, they probably should have gone for something that doesn't sound so much like "Soviet Union". What a shitshow Found an article with a couple more details in it https://euobserver.com/foreign/143545 Full clip i
  8. I couldn't help myself and got a Slavic ghettoblaster. Already removed the accursed safety, going to be ordering some nicer grips so it doesn't feel like holding a 2x4. The clip holding on one of the grip panels was bent too when I got it, so would be nice to have both sides sitting in firmly.
  9. So I tried some WT tanks again after a long break and that part of the game is now practically unplayable now for me. I don't know what changed between the last time I played and now, but steering feels like I've always got at least 500ms ping, if not more. There's no such thing as making minor adjustments to the way I'm heading, the quickest tap I can put on my A or D key is still going to put me in a turn for almost half a second. Steering armored cars is bad enough as it is, but trying to play it while not being able to turn less than 45° in a turn is just disgusting. I've do
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/28/jair-bolsonaro-wins-brazil-presidential-election Bolsonaro seems to have won in Brazil.
  11. I like this template idea too. I already mentioned the main reason for me not bothering to figure out any hard stats (some classes I'm in right now already having a lot of this same sort of work), but seeing how much math and detail everyone else was putting into their submissions at the time was giving me the impression that I'd have to calculate out all sorts of junk if I wanted to have a chance to compete with them. One of my classes I'm in has me designing some gadget down to the last nut and bolt, so I wasn't exactly feeling too motivated to go do nearly the same thing in my free time t
  12. Gaijin seems to be running their anniversary sale thing, so stuff's 50% off. I've got 4720 gold left on my account with no intention to buy more, so I'm wondering if I should put that towards the T114 for 4010ge, or get the American Grant for 1000ge and left the rest to spend elsewhere. Anyone have any experience with the T114?
  13. Can't post your submission late if it's not a submission! XM42 "Prettyboy" Drafted up by students from the Tacoma School of Science and Technology as an extra credit assignment, the XM42 never left the drawing board. The XM42 was designed primarily with fire support in mind. For more mountainous regions, it would be able to provide heavy firepower with greater ease than larger vehicles would. Against the more mobile Mormon forces, the XM42 would be able to more readily respond to threats while still being adequately protected against many of the threats t
  14. Instead of using this bonus time to write things or polish stuff up, I've instead ended making random things with my existing model. Made a quick and generic SPG/assault gun variant thing really quick after failing to come up with a welded turret that I liked.
  15. I'm out of town for the weekend, but that should hopefully be enough for me to at least pretty up the turret and all that. My tank has all been made in 3ds max as well, so nothing has any actual measurements tied to it at the moment. I suppose I could always make a rough mockup of it in solidworks to solve that, I'll look into it when I get the chance.
  16. Not a submission Didn't go hard on making this a serious submission this time around since I've got classes to worry about right now and a lot of those classes already have me doing stuff similar to some aspects of this (mostly the number crunching). Just made this mostly for practice, though it's stuff that won't show up in the final model (hotkeys, cloning objects along a path, fancy details of the meshsmooth modifier, etc.). The model itself isn't really in a finished state. Turret is mostly placeholders still, hull still needs some more detail passes done to it.
  17. Since we've got an arms race, my tank has been showly shifting more and more towards Not An M41. Going to improve the suspension. Gave it a meaner gun and a better shaped turret, but made sure to keep all the comfort. Turret's gotten pretty fat, may be able to trim some off the back half still. On second thought, it's entirely possible that I've also just got the turret itself at too large of a scale
  18. I don't think that I'll be able to deliver a proper entry this time around, but I'll probably try to at least refine my mockup so that I've got something pretty to post that's in the spirit of this competition. I've also got to wonder if I'm partly to blame for the sudden trend of rear turreted light tanks with starship-esque turrets (with mine itself just being a copy of the Teledyne expeditionary tank). 🤔🤔
  19. Still messing around in solidworks, mass is a little over 8t if I've got it all scaled right. I jerry-rigged the side hull on and did some other stuff in ways that probably weren't quite right. Also realized that despite thinking of stuff like the M47, T23, T-55 and stuff in mind when making the turret, it sure does look a lot like the Chaffee's now that I've refined the shape and flattened it some.
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