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  1. and Altay and LeoII modernization
  2. Halloooo Deutschland hat den Krieg trotzdem verloren!!! Trotz hart wie Krupp Stahl und zäh wie Leder und beste Technologie und Panzerschokolade und Düsenjäger und Sturmgewehr....so plz stop wanking one on German war Technology.....it has been mentioned before, Russian took a monument of an IS-2 fueled it up and put some oil in the engine and started the engine with press air...try that with an Über Panther and this was not long ago, less watching discovery channel or dmax or history channel...and especially stay away from tank game forums
  3. Tiger III? For Real? Wo hast du das her wenn Ich fragen darf? Because that looks more like a what if, that's why I ask
  4. @İdex and an oldie, the M24 based APC
  5. just a mockup/proove of concept, but there will be 2 versions of this, a manned 2 enginned version and this unmanned electric version
  6. ASELSAN Alkar 120mm Mortar Weapon System integrated into Ejder Yalçın 4x4
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