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  1. Admiral Kuznetsov's air fleet did a good number of combat sorties back in 2016, but that ship isn't getting any younger and recently had a significant fire. It would be useful for Russia to have a small carrier fleet to deploy to places like they'd like to involve themselves in places as they've done in Syria (and are kinda doing in Libya).
  2. https://www.amazon.com/hz/reviews-render/mobile-media-feed/B06XGMWCN7?physicalId=41qL7TadtHL&imageExtension=jpg&reviewId=R16U5OVZJSRXYR this one is a good insight into sparky’s brain: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/review/0195173384/R3K3ZORNBY4OQ0?ref=pf_vv_at_pdctrvw_srp
  3. I've sorta assumed the Sten was named in a similar fashion to the Bren, but it seems like that's not the case:
  4. https://twitter.com/dex_eve/status/1231756610000678915
  5. TIL about the "death spears" of Australia. These spears have their relatively simple wooden tips covered in adhesive yellow gum sap with multiple embedded stone, wood, and shell chips with later post-European contact spears sometimes including glass shards as an advancement over the stone chips. Unlike most spears used by hunter-gatherers these seem to have been more specialized for use in warfare instead of a more utilitarian design that can be used for hunting game. Sure, you could kill someone with a regular spear or a wooden club, but the death spears went further and the microliths in the spear tip would imbed in flesh and cause more damage, especially if an attempt to remove the spear was tried, along with a higher probability for infection. These death spears and similar bone-barbed "war spears" in Australia were usually ~10 feet in length and apparently noticeably bulkier than the ~8 ft spears used for hunting. Aborginal Australians also had their own form of the atlatl called the woomera which helped them fling spears ~70 yards. There has been a couple British accounts of early settlers & convicts being killed with these spears; sometimes even after the spear was removed. The archeological record suggests that these spears have been in Australia for a while, as recently a skeleton which has been found with microliths found within their bodies matching the description of a death via the death spear has been dated to 4000 years before present. Microliths have been found as late as 15000 years ago, yet it is kinda hard to establish whether these microlith chips were used for death spears. I got most of this info from Allen & Jones' "Violence and Warfare among Hunter-Gatherers" and Davidson (1934)
  6. Model Korean KAI KF-X was shown at a recent airshow
  7. Robert Mugabe now bathes in the waters of the Phlegethon
  8. Thinking optimistically, if the UAE-backed Southerners win out in Aden, they might not have any motive to keep fighting the Houthis in the north. Aden and Sanaa could come to terms and split again into two seperate states (which has been the de facto status for a while and the norm for most of history). I don't know if the Saudis might still try to hang on to slivers of the Red Sea coast and Marib, but with Aden gone, they gotta see the writing on the wall and withdrawal (and hopefully stop aiding AQAP elements). Then the focus could turn towards the more noble goal of turning jihadists into inanimate meat.
  9. Yes, agreed. I think the point of contention is that the Dayton shooting despite his love for socialism doesn't seem to be politically motivated unless the bar he attacked was known to be the local Republican(or etc) hang out or that the bar was his mental interpretation of capitalist hegemony or some shit like that
  10. Didn't know that ethnic cleansing was considered progressive, but ok. This is just a repackaged Lebensraum for a 21st century audience. UBI also isn't just a lefty idea unless you're calling folks like Milton Friedman or Charles Murray progressive socialists.
  11. Still no clear political motive for this guy, unlike past lefty shooters like the Congressional Baseball & Dallas shooters.
  12. So the El Paso shooter seems to be yet another Breivik copycat in the vein Christchurch, Poway, Pittsburgh, etc. Another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio.
  13. I'm somewhat surprised that occultist-WWII rocket engineer Jack Parsons hasn't seemed to be mentioned here at SH. He helped develop the SM-64 Navajo nuclear cruise missile and tried to spawn an anti-Christ with L. Ron Hubbard. Here's his biography in song form via one of John Lennon's spawn and the guy from Primus:
  14. The K21 is suppose to carry an extra 2 soldiers (9) compared to the M2, so I suspect that mostly explains the extra girth to the vehicle
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