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  1. Tank You
  2. Tank You
    Belesarius got a reaction from Lord_James in Tank Layout   
    Common? No. Its mostly un needed. It might even stop if you can, maybe, just maybe, chill out a bit and stop being a lover of Nazi cock. Or... engage with people in a constructive manner. Le shrug. 
  3. Funny
    Belesarius reacted to GregHouse in Tank Layout   
    Huh, when you own a website and are an administrator on the forum that you establish you can do anything you want

    who knew? fucking sorcery
  4. Funny
    Belesarius reacted to MoonDust in Tank Layout   
    That and carrying the vile peasants, uh, I mean the infantry aboard your glorious beast is just Haram. :p
  5. Controversial
    Belesarius reacted to McRocket in Tank Layout   
    LOL you don't understand! You're all oppressing me! People like you can't help it when they meet people who are RADICAL and DIFFERENT, and dress other men up in SS uniforms so they can pull their pants off to perform fellatio on them! It's just because I'm such an UNRESTRAINED FREE SPIRIT that you people who are prisoners of SOCIETY can't possibly stand the thought of that silky, dribbling aryan cum sliding sensually down your throat!
  6. Tank You
    Belesarius reacted to Sten in COMPETITION Steel Chariot of The Prairie: The Lone Free State's First Battle Tank (2247)   

    Birgus, (or Lynx, don't know yet the name) the Fulda Gap fever dream:

  7. Funny
    Belesarius reacted to Sheffield in What the Hell is the Point of Interleaved Road Wheels?   
    I created my account only some time ago as I did not feel the need to really engage in discussions here but, I absolutely adore how our beloved friend Delete stated he was only "trolling" and about 2 posts later went back to being completely serious about everything he says.
    This is pure gold, a flawless comedy, i'm on the verge of tears from reading and laughing at every piece of turd his mouth shits out and i'm sure there's more to come.
  8. Tank You
    Belesarius got a reaction from Jeeps_Guns_Tanks in What the Hell is the Point of Interleaved Road Wheels?   
    Holy fuck this guy is short bus level retarded  
  9. Metal
    Belesarius reacted to Sturgeon in What the Hell is the Point of Interleaved Road Wheels?   
    Oh this whole thing has been just delightful. Let's do a quick mid-season recap, shall we?

    It started with Beer making an observation (which he's actually rather well qualified to support, not that you'd know because you don't actually pay any attention at all to who you're talking to), and you claimed his observation was conjecture, and packaged this with an amusingly ignorant oversight (which any eleven year old tank game enthusiast would know, let alone someone who preens and struts about as if he were a german tank expert) about the Pz.38(t) n.A. Specifically, you didn't know it existed, and I really couldn't ask for a better symbolic prelude to this entire escapade. This pattern repeats with virtually every post you make, and it's frankly this remarkable consistency of complete ignorance that is the whole reason we keep you around rather than banning you out of contempt.

    Make no mistake, although it's pathetic and perverse to see a human being act like a cornered beast, it remains a lot of fun to corner beasts, all the same.

    A couple of posts are exchanged in which Beer continues to act extremely sober and measured in his engagement with, if not the nitwit of the century, then perhaps the nitwit of the decade (sadly, you're a couple years too early to escape being in a bracket with Brock, but I admire your tenacity), and then in very short order you drop the absolute bombshell of the thread when you claim that the Allies were worse at maneuver warfare. All of the back and forth about flotation and suspension systems pales in comparison to the magnitude of the stupidity of this statement. To focus on anything else in the thread at the expense of this would be like, well, autistically focusing on engreebled tank suspension systems at the expense of the greater maneuver war of World War II. Which, coincidentally, is an error both you and the Nazis committed.

    Down the rabbit hole we go! The rabbit smirks, seeing how readily everyone follows! If he zags left, they zag left; if he goes under the branch, they go under the branch. He self-satisfies with how easily he can manipulate everyone else. Truly, a master of manipulation is he! A nice enough sounding theory. One problem: He's not being chased by other rabbits, but by terriers. What happens when they catch him?

    It is unimportant to recount every dart of the rabbit, every puff of dust. It's unimportant to list off every idiotic thing you said, but it must be noted that there were a lot. You demonstrated an absolutely impressive ignorance of just about every topic from mechanical engineering, to history, to basic logic. But, idiots are a dime a dozen, and you, my dear rabbit, are special. You are not only ignorant, but you use it offensively, often throwing out comments about how you don't know and that makes you better somehow. A boar fights with his tusks. A bear with his claws and teeth. An idiot...
    Indeed, you are a rare and endangered rabbit, which can run and kick and fight for hours, and give a tremendous amount of joy to any terrier. Especially when they finally shake you to death. Or until they lose interest and you are simply shot and buried, whichever comes first.
  10. Tank You
    Belesarius got a reaction from Lord_James in What the Hell is the Point of Interleaved Road Wheels?   
    Holy fuck this guy is short bus level retarded  
  11. Metal
    Belesarius reacted to Jeeps_Guns_Tanks in What the Hell is the Point of Interleaved Road Wheels?   
    Sadly that puppet is smarter than our pal Delete. 
  12. Tank You
    Belesarius got a reaction from HellmuthBecker in The interesting ship photos/art thread.   
    Infographic of USSR Navy at end of cold war vs Russian Navy today.

  13. Funny
    Belesarius got a reaction from Pascal in Fascists in Ukraine   
    On a purely random interest level, I've seen this numerology obsession from white power nuts before, both here in Canada and in the US, so I find this to be unsurprising at best.  Tho at least with their numerology, they present a closer to fact basis for their reality than the current US Republican party mouthpieces.
  14. Metal
    Belesarius reacted to Toxn in Competition Suggestions   
    {Drums, sounds of chanting in distance}
    "Rooikat, Rooikat, Rooikat..."
    {Opposing chanting begins, in counterpoint}
    "Ratel, Ratel, Ratel"
  15. Tank You
    Belesarius reacted to N-L-M in Competition Suggestions   
    The Lone Free State of Texas needs YOU!
    The year is 2255, and the Lone Free State is still recovering from how hard it got hit during The Big One. The geography and politics of the local area are such that borders are very hard to draw, movement ranges are long and points of contact may shift at any time. The Lone Free State Rangers require a new family of vehicles capable of keeping the peace and moving forces safely in the presence of both light irregular forces and thin skinned improvised armored vehicles. 
    More details to follow soon.
  16. Funny
    Belesarius got a reaction from Zyklon in The India-Pakistan shitstorm thred.   
    It makes little sense to lie in public when you are gonna get called out via open source sat images within a few days.
    Edit: Also this:
  17. Sad
    Belesarius reacted to Marsh in Richard Ogorkiewicz RIP   
    I have just heard from Richard Ogorkiewicz's wife that he died suddenly on Sunday. As all will know, he was a brilliant writer and analyst in the field of AFVs. He was still active physically and mentally, just completing his memoirs. 
    I remember all his many kindnesses, keen intelligence and his wry sense of humour. I wil miss him.
  18. Tank You
    Belesarius reacted to Alzoc in General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.   
    The FDI series will be called class Amiral Ronarc'h (first ship in the serie):
    The four following ships will be called Amiral Louzeau, Amiral Castex, Amiral Nomy and Amiral Cabanier (description of the career of each of those man in the article).
    Armament of the FDI:
  19. Controversial
  20. Funny
    Belesarius reacted to phasers on stun in Intelligent Turret - what's on your mind ?   
    Fellow fish - imagine you had some money to develop the "next generation" 20-40mm" modular architecture turret.  Of course, you could talk about sensor fusion, using AI to detect threats, better / more integrated sensors... targetting linked to drones etc... But is this the way forwards. ?
    What is the SOTA 30mm turret on the market ? - more importantly, what are it's attributes ?? [ no need to name the manufacturer unless you want to] 
    Built in APS ?
    intelligent Armour ?
    Reconfigurability ?
    Self Repair ?
    We all have ideas... what would you see as a truly game changing set of characteristics ?  
    I think the T2000 looks interesting and there are some nice turrets from lower profile companies (as seen at AUSA).  
    Alternatively, we might be at the end of the roadmap - "gun + armour + sight is good enough"
  21. Funny
    Belesarius reacted to LoooSeR in Syrian conflict.   
    Ein Issa, MP increase their presence.

       SDF/Kurds fight with Turkish forces/SNA

  22. Metal
    Belesarius got a reaction from Stimpy75 in Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread   
    A shot I hadn't seen before. XB-70 after a high speed flight.

    Mach 3 is a little hard on the paintjob.
  23. Tank You
    Belesarius reacted to LoooSeR in Syrian conflict.   
    Kurds are angry
  24. Tank You
    Belesarius got a reaction from Scolopax in Unified Naval Documents Thread   
    Report to Congress on FFG(X) Program:
  25. Metal
    Belesarius got a reaction from Zyklon in Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread   
    A shot I hadn't seen before. XB-70 after a high speed flight.

    Mach 3 is a little hard on the paintjob.
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