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  1. Considering how little of a priority spare parts were to them, throwaway the entire Panther He might be referring T-34s with hexagonal turrets since he says the "T43" was armed with the same 76.2mm as the "T34".
  2. Yeah, whatever was wrong with just having damage/XP missions for premiums like WoT did?
  3. Finally enough Pearls to get the Kamikaze
  4. WT just boils down to being the highest plane and then boom and zooming your way to victory though.
  5. He-51 float-plane is best plane even just for sheer novelty of participating in the float event with a German plane. The T7 Combat Car is actually pretty decent now after they buffed its speed and they changed the T18 from a seal club tank destroyer to an SPG.
  6. Arty working as intended (Chieftain fire/rack one shot) The Challenger 1's armour is so broken it's ridiculous; M1A1s, which are a tier higher than it, can't penetrate it anywhere but the cupola for 1/4 damage.
  7. I can't even get rampage mode to find a game on the Asia server.
  8. Well it doesn't look quite as ridiculous when comparing NATO to the Warsaw Pact as a whole. NATO members didn't quite succeed in developing a standard tank through Europanzer, MBT-70, or MBT-80 (Why they always collaborated with the Germans is beyond me). It's three tanks vs Leo 2, M1, Challenger 1/2, AMX-30/56, and maybe the Ariete.
  9. Sort of like the Sherman variants, they're a lot easier to tell apart looking at their engine decks and rears than they are from the front. T-64 has a wide rectangular exhaust. T-64 also has upright flaps on the rear with the intakes located at the front of the engine deck. T-80 has a narrower centered exhaust. T-80's intake is towards the front of the engine deck when it isn't covered by the turret filter. T-72 has a removable rear port and no exhaust.(Earlier T-72s also had single pin tracks.) T-72 Intakes are located towards the rear of the engine deck. T-80UD has an engine deck similar to that of the T-64.
  10. I really don't notice much changing in WT since I stick with the planes.
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