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  1. I have a early 1980's Polish T-55AM here in Las Vegas. I love this tank but the clutch gives SUCH a workout as compared to my FV-433's or Chieftain. I was told that this was the second to last to come off the assembly line once T-55 production ceased in Poland. Don't know how true it is but the person that told me imported four of them and has a long history of importing armor into the country. V/R Ron
  2. Hi folks, I own a M4A3 Sherman and I am looking for information on the Israeli diesel conversions. I'm actually going with a Detroit 8V92T with an Allison transmission but I'm looking for pictures of the engine compartment. My Sherman is in the middle of a complete restoration and we are not going with a stock restoration. I am going to modernize it with air conditioning, viewing monitors, modern wiring and gauges. Here are some photos of the tank as it was received and along the way of the restoration.
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