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  1. @Collimatrix can add more to this, but my understanding is that the Jumos are just a bad design, period. The use of counter-rotating "stators" and the design of the burner cans all but garuantee low lifespans and engine flameout issues.
  2. I've been hearing rumours that WT might split up the ground and air tech trees in the fashion of coastal/deepwater naval. This is something I'd love to see, as it instantly decompresses the tech trees and give me a reason to actually play cold war and modern tanks. For extra points, I'd implement such that, say, the top tier of the WWII tree is the reserve of the cold war/modern tree. This gives you something to look forward to as you grind to the T-44 or whatever from the bottom, while also having said T-44 get beaten like a rented mule when it goes up against more modern vehicles
  3. I think it says something about how African history is dealt with that I'm at least relatively conversant with it but didn't know about this until today: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Djenné-Djenno https://link.springer.com/referenceworkentry/10.1007%2F978-1-4419-0465-2_986 Preindustrial heterarchical corporatism. That's wild.
  4. kwêvoël Some champ named the thing after the grey loerie.
  5. The name is iconic as well. Those birds are all over the shop around here, and look like little pteradactyls.
  6. Landmines. And bush warfare. And the fumes of late colonialism. And whatever (probably radioactive) drug the cold war was. And, you know, industrial-strength racism. Honestly, given the above, us making 6x6 mad max vehicles in the 70s and 80s seems positively sane.
  7. The hull and turret is still out there in Bloem, slowly rusting away under an awning.
  8. So after dicking around a bit in arcade, I found a reliable formula for fun(tm): - Play British, queue up the Cromwell IV (the lowest-tier one with the 75mm). - Load up a few rounds of smoke, with one in the tube to start. - Rush to the nearest cap and throw smoke at the enemy as you get there. - Switch to AP and start going to town on sides and rears. - Keep throwing smoke from your mortar as you doodle around knife-fighting everyone. - If the cap stops being fun, run off somewhere else and repeat. Copious smoke makes for a wealth of fun tactics: my f
  9. You can sneak, but it's hard (you can't let you silhouette show). Thankfully the average player has no object permanence, so moving cover to cover works. Another thing I realised that arcade has going for it: no nations. This helps to balance things out a bit too.
  10. Huh. I decided to try a bit of ground forces arcade, and it's also been fun. Not even better game-wise, but at least I don't wish screaming death on the developers. I think the higher overall speeds (which balances the speed meta from RB at bit) and lack of choice in aircraft options (which removes the german go-to of dropping a satan on your head) makes things a bit better. Also, the implementation of spotting mechanics (however shoddy) helps to remove the issue of people dropping settings to see through foliage. So you're not constantly getting nailed by invisible enemies.
  11. I feel like there should be a separate thread for cunning mechanisms with applications in tanks:
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