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  1. Final Judgement Third place: Carro Armato P.35/105 I hate having to place this vehicle third, as it's the most impressive in terms of paper stats and just looks so... right. It looks like exactly the sort of late-war (for them, anyway) prototype that the Italians would have produced, only for it to become forgotten under a fountain of "hurr durr pasta tank" memes. And talk about performance! What @Lord_James has managed to do here is wring a Tiger-analogue out of a 28-tonne pre-war vehicle. Unfortunately, when I try to game this thing out the numbers end up
  2. Scenario 3: Carro Armato BT-5-76/43 Production In late February 1943 captured tanks, guns and various other components begin to stream into Palermo from all points of the compass. The stock is being used as part of an ambitious project, by one Nicola Leonardo Mancini, to rework and upgrade the copious amounts of equipment that the Germans captured in the first years of the war, and which has been since sitting idle at depots and scrap yards across Western Europe. Nicola, who had reputedly suffered a mild stroke (which he later jokingly called his ‘stroke of
  3. Scenario 2: Carro Armato P.35/105 Production In late February 1943 captured T-28 tanks, 105mm guns and various other components start arriving at the harbour in Palermo. The hulls come originally from Germany and the occupied territories – the fruit of the first, furious years of the war in the East. There were maybe a hundred T-28s captured amongst the thousands of Soviet vehicles netted in the first year of the campaign there, but time and the exigencies of war mean that only around 70 are available to serve as hulls and component donors for the VER’s work
  4. Scenario 1: T-28/43 Production In late February 1943 captured T-28 tanks, 75mm guns and various other components start arriving at the harbour in Palermo. The assorted cargo has come the long way to the island, having been sourced at depots and scrap yards in Germany and the occupied countries before being taken by rail to the Italian mainland. From there the cargo had been shipped to Sicily, where it was now filling up dock and warehouse space at the harbour and railyard. Roughly 70 tanks in various states of disrepair are slated to be remanufactured by the
  5. Setting the scene: It is January 1943, and things are looking dire. The writing is on the wall for the Italian army in North Africa, with a lot of equipment having been lost and the enemy on the brink of kicking the axis out of Tunisia and then heading across the Mediterranean. However, all is not lost. Il Duce himself has stepped in and, with the assistance of the Germans, procured both some of their finest captured vehicles for use in the upcoming defence of the homeland. The reconstituted Victor Emmanuel Railway company, now an Italian locomotive service and repair company located in P
  6. So our processes are basically opposites of each other
  7. I'm going to pack up shop on my end and get to judgin' in the morning. Final call to all who want to submit an entry
  8. @N-L-M Quick questions about the trapeze ejector and flick rammer: For the ejector - I assume that the ejector and tube are fixed to the gun carriage and so are always in alignment, but then how does having a ~90mm tube on the top of the barrel affect the depression? For the flick loader - my understanding is that the rack is fixed to the turret, and that the mechanism sits on a loading tray fixed to the back of the gun. Does this mean that there's some sort of flexible linkage betweem the rack and tray to guide rounds in? Or does the gun have to be levelled betwee
  9. This might be of interest to @Lord_James and @heretic88: removing the miniturrets saves about 300kg each (not counting crew) by my calculations. At the same time, simply extending the superstructure and relocating the cabin while retaining the same armour thickness (as Lord-James did) nets you just under 600kg of mass. So for him the weight difference is a wash. For Heretic the situation seems a little more complex. From the model I have available, it looks like he changed the angle of the cabin (from around 20' to 30' from the vertical), changed the angle of the upper front glacis
  10. Looking good, although I have to ask why you settled on the short 75 after going to all the trouble to make a turret ring which could mount a 100mm gun
  11. So I bought the DLCs when they came out on sale recently, and I'm now happy to report that I'm regularly running two Archers and a Marauder in my lance. No Warhawks yet, though, and I'm miffed that no Hatchetmen have showed up yet for salvage despite being available. COIL weapons, which were supposed to fix the fast-but-useless mech issue, have also proved to be underwhelming, although running a Firestarter that could rear attack for 100dmg + 6MGs was fun for the early game :)
  12. I'd say that, of the French tanks, the S35 is about the best bet to create a useful vehicle, and could probably support a much larger turret ring than it had historically (perhaps as large as 1.5m!). The PzII also has some hidden potential, although it's a lot more tightly packed and might support a turret ring of maybe 1.2m. That's in the same range as the BT-5 (which doesn't have much growth potential in that department at all), and gives you the opportunity to propose your own turret layout. Another dark horse in all of this, to my mind at least, is the Puppchen. It may not have
  13. Thinking about it a bit, I wonder about the pros and cons of just leaving the mini-turrets in but taking out the guns and crew. The result would be fairly useful spaced armour - perfect for eating bazooka rockets and setting off bursting charges. I call this the "funbag airbag" approach
  14. This is a good line of thinking. I'd say that radically reworking the suspension might be a bridge too far - but if it were as simple as cutting it out and welding it back onto external brackets then it may be doable. Widening the hull superstructure or adding side bulges (ala T-55 et al) in order to eke out every centimeter of potential turret ring diameter might be the easiest way forward here. I think where you might run into problems is actually with the limited space fore and aft - increase the turret ring size too much and you risk having no space left for the dri
  15. @heretic88 This is perfect, thanks! With the removal of the mini-turrets I think it won't gain much weight either....
  16. I find the lack of replies disturbing. Oh well, I'm drowning in work on this end too, so I hereby unilaterally grant us all another two weeks to submit. That's Sunday the 22nd, folks...
  17. I think the Marauder is in game, but none of the others. I know that a lot of the unseen mechs eventually became reseen after some careful copyright-circumventing redesigns a few years back. On another note: I finally managed to get a Kintaro put together. Although I don't like how it looks aesthetically, it's just really hard to argue against 4xSRM6 plus full armour...
  18. So I've been playing the recent Battletech game a bit, and I have thoughts. Background: I've played quite a bit of Megamech (no tabletop, sadly - not enough folk doing tabletop games in general around here) and generally go for no-mech builds because fuck your giant robots. The game disappoints me by having a 4-mech lance limit, so lights are even more useless than normal. This is made even worse by every scenario involving you being outnumbered. So no mass tactics or manoeuvre tactics for you, mechwarrior. So you're all but doomed to having big, heavy, slow, armour-bas
  19. Go wild - there is no limit on entries (beyond my patience and the bounds of good taste), so put your sensible idea up with your wacky one.
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