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  1. I think my favourite Western front moment is when the Nazis pulled some Wimp Lo shit, got their noses bloodied in the battle of the bulge and then decided that it was a tactical victory which slowed down the allied advance.
  2. I think "Yes, Minister" had the pithiest answer to this conundrum.
  3. More like killed a bunch of Germans. And encircled German armies. And darkened German skies with long-range aircraft. Reliability and availability (ie: numbers at the fight, on the move, pressing the advantage) are more or less the sina quo non of industrial warfare.
  4. Seconding @Beer here; Pershing and Cent both look to have bulkier, more rigid drive housings. Also seconding the point about materials: if you know the issue and have space to work with, you can make chunkier components out of pot metal and still have them work to a point. Panther was just all tapped out in terms of margins. More or less from the get-go.
  5. What can one do when your tribe has hunted its prey to extinction... Guess we should start farming 'em.
  6. Not so much, at least not yet. My understanding is that it's mostly German, American and Scandinavian stuff for mine work and road freight. Light duty trucks seem to be mainly Japanese, but with more and more Indian and Chinese vehicles appearing.
  7. That's bureaucratic cost-saving for you: penny-wise but pound-foolish. They'd have been better off melting down all the old junk and scrapping Estienne's smart idea, but how do you sell that to the higher-ups?
  8. Losing an entire generation will do that to you. Don't forget that the French suffered proportionately the same casualties as the Germans (2.9% of their total population, nearly all young men) and did so entirely on their own soil. And all so that they could come back to a depressed economy and a crumbling empire. I think the big lesson here is "don't fight on your own soil", which explains a lot of their planning and conduct. The other big lesson being, of course, that if you are going to fight the Germans in France, for God's sake do it close to the border and defensively.
  9. Ya, but part of the reason for that is because the Char B1 was sucking up all of the resources that should have gone into making more modern medium designs. As for their doctrine and C&C, it was perfect for fighting WW1 all over again - built around a process of slow, deliberate, centrally-coordinated movements focused around artillery fire massing and coordination. It just wasn't up to the task of orchestrating manoeuvre warfare (and the very real dysfunction didn't help).
  10. Indeed. Not a good bet, as it turned out. But you can't blame them for at least hedging. The French, at least, went into WW1 adamant that it would a war of offensive manoeuvre (based on their previous experience with the Prussians), and it was for a month or two. And then it wasn't and they lost a generation of young men. If I'd been bled white and had chunks of my country rendered permanently uninhabitable because I didn't put money on the defensive being dominant in the last war...
  11. Let's just say that the British hedged hard against the possibility of WW1 breaking out again. I mean, look at TOG's original requirements...
  12. If only any of their vehicles had had a turret ring worth talking about, something decent could have emerged before war's end.
  13. Exactly. Earthmovers also don't have to worry about suspension travel and such, meaning that you can pack your extra wheels in aggressively.
  14. So here's a question: is it better, without using interleaving or whatever, to have a few big road wheels or lots of little ones in terms of MMP? Here I'm going to ignore things like travel and have no spacing between the roadwheels. For a 5m track contact length, 40t vehicle with the other specs kept the same (track width 0.6m, track pitch 0.15m), you find that ground pressure rises quickly and then tails off as the size of the road wheels decreases. This rapidly leads into diminishing returns: 25 axles with 20cm roadwheels gets you an MMP of 95KPa, 50 and 10cm road wheels gets yo
  15. I was wondering about that myself, actually. I think part of it was that they had a bunch of hulls, plans, jigs and engineers on hand who'd worked on the things. So, you know, use what you have. I think the other thing (as can be seen with the AMX 50 and Bat Chat) is that they were on a big drive to put a really powerful gun on a mobile chassis and still have it come out to less than 50mt (presumably while also being rail-transportable). So pneumatic road wheels and torsion bars must have appealed simply to keep dimensions down. Pity that, like most German w
  16. Sadly no - I used the 1972 MMP equations and noodled around a bit with variables. From a gaming sums perspective, what they do is introduce a new term (tire deflection) which increases effective track contact area. Even a few centimetres makes a big difference here. Realistically, of course, you're right - having soft, flexible bits on road wheels seems like a recipe for issues unless the vehicle is very light to begin with (at which point MMP more or less sorts itself out).
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