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  1. A moon spacesuit, imagined by bunch of pipe smoking blokes in tweed jackets.
  2. Shooting with Metis ATGM. Interesting moment when camera shows flight path from behind gunner, they launched missile way higher than a target and then guide it to the target below initial flight trajectory.
  3. Pics of North Korean Spike-NLOS-alike ATGM: Naval version. Land version was mounted on 6x6 APC chassis:
  4. AM-17 prototype first look from user side. Pluses - weight (2.7kg with red dot), big ass monolitic rail on top, ambi selectors, adj. stock that folds to the right and doesn't interfere with ejection port, use of AK flap for magazine release (muscle memory, training), ability to eat all mags for AKS-74U, ability to put charging handle on left or right side, ability to partially disassembly without messing with optics/zero of sights. SVD-alike short piston system makes it run much cleaner. Negatives - barrel doesn't accept commercial/aftermarket suppressors and muzzle devices, standart muzzle device doesn't work well as compensator or flash hider, no suppressor in a kit of this gun. Main negative element of this gun is recoil, it "kicks", and this kick is somewhat comparable to 7.62x39.
  5. T-80U with Drozd APS during recent exercises. APS launchers tubes are not installed.
  6. According to article this is still a mock up. Although i'm pretty sure a drone wingman is something everyone with ability to produce such things are working on.
  7. And here is a day of flying back home. We arrived to Krasnodar city several hours before a flight, so we could visit a Krasnodar park, build by ex-owner of big chain of supermarkets in Russia called "Magnit". Because of traffic jams we didn't had much time, so i managed to see only part of this cool park. "...and ticket to a plane with a silver wing, which when it takes off leaves only a shadow to the Earth"
  8. Hills. Again! This time i'm about 1-1.5 km away from Fortshtadt. Old fortress was located here somewhere in the end of 18th century. Fortress was called Prochniy Okop ("Solid trench" ), and village nearby is called Prochnokopsk, kek. On the way to location of fortress. On site. Driving for 15 minutes on several different roads put us here, 8 km S-E of Fortshtadt. We were going higher and higher.
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