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  1. Arena-E and Arena-M APS with build in smoke grenades launchers: Drozd-2 APS interceptor shell:
  2. 1-2 meters in case of Bill 2. Although it is no longer is service. They are not AESA, at least frontal ones, but i don't have exact information on radars of Arena. On early model, radar looks like had this vertical arc of detection: Missile with OTA could probably be detected, but unlikely to be effectively engaged or even classified as valuable target by a system. Arena-M, shown in latest episode of Military Acceptance, have at least side radars aimed slightly upwards: Which may indicate better coverage against OTA ATGMs, maybe even top attack ones, but this is just a guess.
  3. Stolen from otvaga, tankoff did a summary post on Arena systems. Arena (1993) patent: 1 are countermunitions in their launchers, placed around turret. 2 is radar station on top of the turret. Arena-M APS with correctable trajectory countermunitions: Compared to previous version much less countermunitions and launchers are used, subsystems are more compact. Less weight, statistically less vulnerable to fragmentation damage. Countermunition schematics. CM is connected to launcher with a wire, BTW. Patent for BMP-3 equipped with Arena, pic showing possible use of APS as a system to automatically turn turret of AFV in the direction from which AFV was shot at. Looks like Arena was offered to Germans in 90s. Pics from Wehrtechnisches Symposium, 1995. One of first article about Arena, 1996. 2012 - model of Arena-M (or Arena with correctable countermunitions) was shown. At RAE-2013 T-72 with shown with similar system, but with some additional changes. Arena-E with correctable countermunitions, video by KBM. 50m detection range, minimal reaction time - 0.04s, same direction is covered by at least 2 countermunitions, can intercept incoming projectiles with speeds of 70 to 1000 m/s. Can work of 8 hours without stops, weight - up to 900kg. Laser sensors (same as on Shtora) can be part of Arena. APS can be intergrated into BMS. Countermunition launch. Small holes just under cap/cover probably are impulse jets to rotate countermunition after launch. Upper schematics proably shows those impulse jets. Launch. Question if it is actually capable of intercepting top attack threats in configurations shown to public is still open. Max detection range is 50 meters, but how much radars can see "up" is question that i don't know answer for. Vertically aimed launchers suggest that at least ATGM that "overfly" target (like Bill 2 or TOW-2B) are covered by modernised system. Original Arena (at least in 1995 config) was not capable of intercepting overfly ATGMs. Another question without answer is how much "correction" measures can change facing of countermunition. Against top attack threats there were ideas to place CMs nearly horizontaly and aim them upwards.
  4. Some more pics of Sukhoi's LTS Sections near engine nozzle looks movable to me...
  5. Still alive, it seems. Very likely to get into "nearly dead" status when Battlefield 2042 releases.
  6. More footage of Vikhr-1 test fires. In video texts display some stats of the missile - 10 km max range, HE-Frag warhead, 750 mm pen after ERA, 610 m/s speed, missile rated for launch from 10-4000m altitude.
  7. Cyberpunk-look alike For Wargame RTS players interested in more of similar games:
  8. Watched Sicario 1 and 2. I usually have no interest in criminal-themed movies, like complete 0, but was recomended those 2 about a month ago. I have to say that those 2 are pretty good, mix of thriller and action that gets into somewhat dark places. After too many Marvel comixfilms watched, those are rather fresh for me, tense and grounded. First Sicario is somewhat better IMO compared to second one, as 2nd movie doesn't have proper ending and follows some of sctructural elements of 1st Sicario. Still, no regrets spending time with both films.
  9. No, never tried that version of MoW 2. What's a difference from other versions?
  10. "Glory to Ukraine" written over it is for sure going to stop Russian AT weapons.
  11. Sone pics, including few by Yuri Pasholok Timeline planned for LTS 2023 - first flight of LTS 2024-25 - Test LTS production 2026 - First serial production batch
  12. Combat radious - 1500km Over 7t combat load Anti-air and ground strikes capable. Decreased by several hunder meters runway for takeoff Designed used supercomputers, VR, other new digital tech, ambitious schedule 2026-2027 - serial production, planned Plane at the show is not a mock up, but early prototype. This exact plane will undergo static load tests and then will be finished and conduct first test flight.
  13. Interesting to compare to my impressions. I considered it to be not bad but less interesting than Q1 or HL. Unreal singleplayer was kind of boring in second half because gameplay never progressed and most interesting parts (arena combat against multiplayer bots-like AI enemies) also never got more than several bots on small arena 1-2 minutes long instance.
  14. New plane will be showed at upcoming expo
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