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  1. Ammo storage of HTS got bombed in Idlibostan Random pics of SF
  2. Video about ghillie suit in Russian, but footage is interesting - a minigame "guess where 3 snipers are"
  3. UFP is very small part of overal frontal projection of the vehicle. Also, nobody saw an actual prototype's UFP.
  4. http://www.ak-info.ru/joomla/index.php/aaka/32-ak5pokolenie/266-ak12mabout Modernised AK-12 (6P70M) photos. Main changes are new stock, pistol grip and trigger guard+mag catch button, new rear iron sight, ramrod now lives inside of slightly changed handguard. Rear sight on AK-12 (modernised), on first appeared on AK-19 New pistol grip-trigger guard-mag catch button part and stock, also from AK-19 Lower handguard with notches inside of it to store ramrod (marked with Klingon letter "Г")
  5. SOBR, training with shields Zabor and Vant-VM
  6. So we can now tell that Kurganets ballistic protection (without addon armor modules or addon ERA) is generally on the same level as BMP-3, vehicle will protect dismounts inside from blast of mines with 3-6 kg of explosives (more likelt 3-4, as 6 is achieved only at max clearance of suspension, if we read docs right). Also want to note that AT mines would do a number on that thing, for example plenty of Soviet mines have more than 6 kg of explsovies in them (7, 7.5kg in TM-62, TM-89 have 6.65)
  7. https://vk.com/wall-79534_23437 Documents on Kurganets protection found by Wiedzmin. People on otvaga looked at those documents some more: Details name possibly contain actual thickness of plates. Looks like sides are made out of 40 mm almuniea plates, which is about the same as in BMP-3. Bottom section of Kurganets-25 chassis is made out of 2 plates of Almuniea alloy (ABT-102), each plate is 30 mm. On top of that designers put a floor plate for soldiers to walk on. They arrived to such layout after several failed tests. First ver
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