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  1. Results of US Airstrike at border crossing between Syria and Iraq.
  2. Iskander-K use in Syria Launch site was geolocated in Hmeymin AB.
  3. Wearing this in firefight will add to experience by giving you a chance to catch a fire when you get shot!
  4. https://ria.ru/20210224/bumerang-1597880132.html VPK wants to design a wheeled death trap tank using Boomerang chassis, armed with Sprut-SD's main gun (125 mm 2A75 smoothbore cannon). Some other info:
  5. https://lenta.ru/news/2021/02/25/iskander/ Iskander-K strikes in Syria
  6. They will, but i suspect there should be pretty bad weather condition for that, at least when we speak about ice. I would prefer to have at least some sheet metal cover over that part.
  7. Now you can wear electrical heaters https://tass.ru/ural-news/10710465
  8. There were attempts made in Soviet Union regarding radar-based sights for ground vehicles. IIRC based on them we were developing something for Object 195.
  9. Loading infantry into BMPs to move them to proper positions. Vehicles have separate amount of ammo just for dismounts, which makes vehicle work as reload vics for infantry. Sporadic infantry contacts in streets around captured compound, some of which are RPG gunners. Thats why infantry goes first in this situation - it can spot enemies and deal with them without risking as much as vehicles. After area will be cleared enough, i will get AFVs here. Pushing closer to barricade on the highway, tank spotted enemies in the buildng that overlo
  10. I bet those people confused info about Obect 195 with Armata. IIRC one of 195 versions had radar on it, AFAIK it was supposed to use data from it and fuse it in FCS with other channels (optics).
  11. You are thinking of Soviet designations, which Ukraine may not use anymore. Missile is Ukrainian "Kombat" GL-ATGM.
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