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  1. Exercises in Tadjikistan of Russian and Tadjikistan forces. Mass Grad (0:10) and Uragan (1:32) strikes.
  2. Checkpoint being build somewhere near Shusha
  3. 8 T-50/Su-57s From the ground: From space:
  4. Unexploded EXO is still being cleared by Russian sappers
  5. SF member in Syria, 2nd photo unknown place, also SF unit member.
  6. M4 from pre-war purchase of weapons for Yemeni SF unit is on sale
  7. LAF M113 with ZSU-23-2 mounted in jihaded turret, plenty of such things in both Lebanon and Iraq. Abu Talib launchers (possibly)
  8. T-55AMV used by Al-Mukowama and SAA T-55AMV SAA Shilka with probably thermal imaging sight mounted on quad autocannons assembly
  9. Gear of Al-Mukowama SF members from documentary similar to gear of sniper team that participated in operation with Palestinian brigade "Kuwet al-Ouda" and SAA personal from the battalion of the martyr Samir Rahal Pics that were saved (video is no longer avaliable)
  10. https://central-media.org/35477/633/وثائقي-#أسرار_التحرير_الثاني...-الحلقة-الثانية-عشر Last terrorists in Lebanon in Qalamoun region left to clear out - pocket of ISIS fighters, summer of 2017. Start of this operation - Al-Muqowama will capture first enemy positions in southern part of pocket very early in the morning. 130 mm M-46 guns in direct fire mode From Syrian side of the pocket troops were advancing towards mountain range. Operation was continued after short
  11. Posting news about this ATGM here, as it is for vehicles only, even if it size is more fit for infantry-carried ATGM. https://iz.ru/1092828/2020-11-27/seriinoe-proizvodstvo-noveishei-rakety-bulat-nachnetsia-v-2022-godu This also gives kind of inderect reference to timeline of Epokha turret production.
  12. https://imp-navigator.livejournal.com/975930.html Yuri Lyamin's short explanation of situation.
  13. One of Iranian top scientists was killed in Hollywood-esq ambush. Also claims that 2 attackers were killed and 1 captured.
  14. Played Clive Barker's Jericho, a FPS game from movie maker, and a bit unusual one. Game is build around occult-ish story, hellish/purgatory themes and a lot of shooting.
  15. New Tsirkon hypersonic AShM test launch from Admiral Gorshkov at target 450 km away
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