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  1. Probably the closest we'll ever get to a full scale Panzer III/IV(E), ironically enough
  2. Blackpill moment: Banning assault weapons, even if you had a magic genie in a bottle to wish away every single rifle that falls under that category, will not eliminate mass shootings in America and will have a painfully minimal level of impact on the gun related death rate, because as already mentioned the primary instrument of gun homocide and suicide is a pistol with a handful of rounds loaded into it. Even pointing to something like magazine bans, the Parkland shooter specifically chose smaller magazines(10 rounders) for his AR because he could fit more in his backpack And that's not even getting into the era of modular AR builds and the blurring between pistol-sized rifles and rifle-sized pistols
  3. I was wondering if I should go see it in theaters, but yeah I should save my money for that instead
  4. Going by the Youtube video's runtime, not nearly as bad as Star Wars but.....almost enough room to list off dumb ideas in this movie to *make your own movie*
  5. I see some claim by Peter Chamberlain that it was used on Jagdpanther(Originally for Panther II) but Spielberger and Jentz don't seem to back that up
  6. One of the guy(s?) posted a manifesto It's 87 pages of "We must secure a future..." With sprinklings of tidbits like on Page 15
  7. Allegedly it's on the books to bring that back next year Among other things
  8. US House rep from San Fran area: "If you enter armed revolt, we'll just nuke ya" I can see a kernel of a point in here, but in terms of political rhetoric this is one of those years that just keeps on giving Bonus tweet
  9. I saw it with my dad because there was nothing else interesting to watch. I thought it was alright, but there's far better films out there featuring submarines
  10. I've got a friend who lives northeast of Houston and was telling me on a call this past September that it took almost a 6 hour drive to reach Oklahoma
  11. 11 dead, 23 injured Guy was using a Glock 21 with an extended magazine, illegal for holding ammunition beyond the California set 10 round limit.
  12. I don't have a site, but I have seen it posted on Twitter It was basically White Men vs Everyone Else
  13. The wiggle room in the amendment is whether or not illegal immigrants fall under the full jurisdiction of US law, but nominally later SCOTUS rulings on the 14th and some statutory laws by Congress would mean Trump's EO would be blocked and nullified But I have seen a theory that this is bait for a challenge against it so SCOTUS can make an explicit ruling on how the 14th applies to illegal immigrants and their anchor babies
  14. According to his screencapped Gab.ai wall(before they suspended it to begin cooperation with the FBI) the guy is one of those unironic Nazis who thinks Trump and his voting base are internationalist cucks controlled by the Jews
  15. Some news print sites still do, such as The Hill or The Daily Wire But they're only about as useful as a Youtube comment section
  16. Also on the other side of the "bomb", the clock, has no alarm function. It's function was to grab as much attention as possible and so far it's succeeded.
  17. Jentz and Doyle list 1830mm for the Tiger and 1850 for Tiger II This one reminds me of some FB game trying to ripoff WoT(Think it was called "Ground War: Tanks" or something) where it had a "VK 45.02 H" that was basically this And since this is an "effort" thread, might as well gloat a little... Completed the award just before September ended
  18. EDIT - Apparently this was a tweet hinting about Amy Coney Barrett replacing RBG but Twitter won't load the tweet
  19. The vote on closing the debate on Kavanaugh's nomination occurred today, Lisa Murkowski voted against, Joe Manchin voted for. It moves on to the final vote tomorrow evening after a 51-49 record
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