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  1. 25 minutes ago, Toimisto said:

    Sorry to be just asking questions but does the installation of a 105mm gun increase the gun depression of a Type 59 compared to its 100mm gun variant, i would think that a increase of 1 or 2 degrees could be realistic, but as i have no information on this´i cannot be sure.

    The depression of both Type 59 (100mm gun)and  59-2(105mm) is  -5°. 

    Here is a data sheet:



  2. 17 hours ago, Andrei_bt said:

    In the beginning of 60-s cast turrets with composite armor were introduced for T-64, T-64A (later for T-72A and T-80B) which had a significant protection against shaped-charge projectiles and APDS rounds. Such protection provided Soviet tanks with protection superiority over western designed tanks of that time like M60A and “Chieftain”. But in same period of time in the 1-st half of 70-s it became evident, that future development of tank cast turrets has no long term perspectives comparing to welded design. An experimental turret was tested with results published in 1977 special literature.
    Development of welded turrets for post-WW2 tanks in USSR, Russia and Ukraine

    Very good article , Can I translate this article into Chinese and share to Chinese Forum? 

  3. Though, I found these fresh photos of T-72 Ural scrapped in China. Someone have uploaded them into public networks. (Also,there is someone said that there are still available T-72M and T-72B collected in Plant 617, but have no more photo infos can prove that we have the second T-72. BTW, The T-80U might be located in Beijing Tank museum but do not show to public )12115_900.jpg12413_900.jpg11674_900.jpg11846_900.jpg

  4. 28 minutes ago, U-47 said:

    I asked my friend about the chassis which looks like T-72/WZ123, the plant's source says it is a WZ123's prototype, and it has been restored for other test purpose in the recent time.

    Also by plant source, the T-72 in the background is a T-72M (not T-72M1), and he send me a close photo of it (and some photo of other tanks here), but I'm sorry, I am forbidden to share these photos.


  5. 22 minutes ago, Scolopax said:

    More info/images on these multi-barreled naval guns?  This sounds pretty insane.

    I only know it was an actually theoretical scheme for higher fire rate, but I also heard that the prototype had been tested in NJUST's institute, I have been there though I found nothing, may be the machine had been already transfered.

    This pic of the model came from a thesis of North University of China. Actually the gun barrels are not rotating but rotating the automatic loading machine behind the gun breech.

  6. EXM, i have a question...What's the relationship between EGS and PzKW2000 ?

    I cant find enough specific information about these two projects' connection ,but i always think they should be linked by something.

    The EGS project began in 1989, and the PzKW 2000 was also terminated in 1989... so i guess EGS was a principle demonstrator for pzkw2000 programme, but its test results were applied to NGP programme


  7. I found some interesting drawings related to the candidates for french new generation tank ( 80s ).


    A leclerc prototype ,TC2 TA ,modified turret layout. Gunner and commander were both located at the left of fighting compartment.


    One of the Gun-over-hull concepts of AS series ,AS2 P2,


    P48 concept, it was very closed to the Leclerc .

  8. That photo actually answered alot as to why it looks like the roof was caved in yet was hit from the side (It looks like it makes sense when seen from that angle).

    However, that shell looks like an HE round from a 2A46, it was fired from a tank? (It seems unlikely a Sprut AT gun would've been used.) If so, do you know if peacekeepers are going to be more heavily equipped and ready for armored threats after this incident?

    Yes,fire from T-72, AFAIK, but I am not sure if it was a friendly fire accident.
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