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  1. Well - I doubt, becouse on Ob.477A1 is based Nota, and it's still OPSPEC... couse Biala project :) More or less it's the same tank whit diffrent FCS and armour

    Bad news to me :( .

    It seems that I still have to wait for a longtime before I see the real face of Nota.

    By the way I am very curious about why not Russian guys disclose some details about Nota but care the Ukrainian secret protect's security, if Russian also have some unspeakable secret controlled in Ukrainian? So there was a consensus between Rus and Ukrainian that they would keep the words about their super tanks program,-)

    Well,,above isn't the points,I would like to ask some questions to confirm some relationships among those projects. :)

    1. What you post before have said that the upgrade from 477/477a to Nota mainly because the new gun and ammunitions were required. And as we can see the magazine of 477 could only store the projectiles no longer than circa 800mm,but the new APFSDS under development like Grifel-1/2 (Im not sure and I also want to know if they have been used on 477a1)have been longer than 1000mm.So I think it may be the main reason of improving armment machine structure. Am I get it correctly?

    2.Also I have no idea about why they developed new gun system as 2a73,did the LP-81 in 477 have anything wrong?And by the way,what is the relationship between 2a83 and LP-83?I cant find more information about them.So could you please introduce the thread of 152 smoothbore cannon? Thanks a lot here.

    3.What type of FCS did 477 plan for?I think it should have the ability of Hunter-Killer with commander's independent thermal sight,which showed in photos,but I doubt that if the sight in the right of turret can have 360° field of version,because the objects on the turret roof and its slope may disturb the sight.

    4.What type of APS did 477 plan for? some pictures in network show that it may be the Arena..but I think it.may not fit the turret shape of 477s.

    Thats all what I can not clear up,I will appreciate it if you can give me an answer!:D

  2. Different layouts of Leclerc, that were considered during development. Stolen from Andrey-BT

    AS31 - crew in frontal hull, like T-14.


    AS12 - 2 crew members are located in low profile turret, similar to Molot/Boxer/Buntar.


    AS22 - low profile turret for 2 people, driver and engine are in the front hull, ammorack - in the rear.


    Variant with commander in the turret with 360 degr visibility, and drive + gunner in the hull frontal part


    Classis Leclerc.


    AFAIK they were started by the kpz90/char90 ,the France and German joint project.

    But German concept seems only a flat turret leopard2,while the France have prepared a number of innovative concepts.

  3. The first pic upper part shows the failure rate of equipments' Square Team which were reviewed in front of Tianan men last year and below shows the failure rate of equipment types.Both two forms show that the 99a, 05a and 04a afvs' fault times still higher than other equipments.

    The first form index:(from left to right)

    tanks; AAV; IFV; IFV(airborne);AT missile launcher; 155 SPG; type 11 wheeled tanks; 4x4 assault cars; 4x4 assault cars (used by armed police); SP-AA Gun; and others are missile system...

    the second form index just the types.

    The second pic is about the failure rate of parts of 99a. from up to low:

    operation system

    transmission system

    electric system

    engine system

    other system

    suspection system

    hydraulic system

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