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  1. Thanks! The only problem is how did the auto loader in the turret nacelle select the type of ammunition ? Is it because the sector belt loop structure?
  2. In my view,the autoloader of 477A/A1/2 which was consisted by three carousels is incomprehensible . The crews in tank should be very unsafe.... So,I think the original 477's AZ was better than the later one,at least the most of ammunitions were separated from crews.. By the way,I am very curious about the loading system's structure of 477,especially the part in the turret basket.
  3. It should be the 2A83 Gun TestBed,which would be mount on obj195. As we can see the two sides of this turret were covered by steel plates as clump weight. This construction only reflected in the obj 195's unmanturret. Moreover,AFAIK there is not any exact information about the obj477A1 had equiped with 2A83 gun.
  4. Type 89 TD Pic from “High-pressure gun System Memoir”
  5. Maybe in a sense the layout like 490a's was also a type of ''isolation''? I think. At least its ammunitions were set in the right hand of crews.
  6. http://dziennikzbrojny.pl/media/Pancerna/Obiekt%20477%20Bokser-Mo%C5%82ot%202.jpg'>http://dziennikzbrojny.pl/media/Pancerna/Obiekt%20477%20Bokser-Mo%C5%82ot%202.jpg Great picture! Could you give me the pic's original link from vk?
  7. That's what I also do now,I am writing an article about Soviet secret tanks from 70s to 21th century,language in Chinese,but there are also the same problem that the informations are too rare. Of course I will post something about that,but my PC was broken not long ago,and there are some troubles for me to post photos from mobile phone,so I 'm sorry that I can't do anything for it right now.
  8. Oh,my friend have the origin drawing and he also took some photos for me. And it is an early version of 477 which roof of turret is flat while later drawings have a slope.
  9. I would like to know sth about the APS of ARMATA. AFAIK the horizontal launchers caliber is almost 160mm ,the killing range should be so large and the lethality should be so effective that it could destroy a coming APFSDS. The only question is how the vertical launchers work? Will they shot down the TSA as small missiles? Or they might be multi_purpose launchers containing other ammunitions like grenades.
  10. After my compares,this may just be an idea from a small company,never built and have little attraction , and we see the rounds holding into the loader (it should be APFSDS,as we can see the saddle shaped sabot is there),it is highly possible a 120mm ammunition,but i can't figure out the date when this idea cames out,not sure is it reference the same idea from T-72 .
  11. I have created an account of there but have no permission to see the attachments
  12. According to the notes, this automatic loading system is developed by Air-Log limited company(I have no idea about it).And the shells maybe 110mm, I guess. The gun breech looks like the one in MBT80 ATR1.
  13. When I read a book in Chinese ''坦克技术概论'',I found a pic showed below, it looks like a T-72s autoloader,but actually it was mounted on British tank,maybe the Centurion.I try to search for the source but I failed. Is there anyone have more information about it?
  14. Thank you for your post,Phencyclidine. Maybe they are the same thing. I think if it accommodate the ammunitions in caliber 140mm,it should be cut down the amount of the ready ammunitions at least 1/2 because of their two pieces combination.
  15. www.zhuangjiacheliang.com/data/attachment/forum/201604/05/125904j8kdeklzc8llkqnn.jpg According to the construction of its autoloader(if this one really belong to it),I can sure it was 120 gun. The ATAC(XM291) is quite intreseting but with too less information about it.
  16. http://www.zhuangjiacheliang.com/data/attachment/forum/201604/05/124826ih3bxxg1g333vbyv.jpg Another side view of M1 CATTB
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