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  1. Well,I dont mind, after all, I'm just a freshman here. Obey the tradition is what I should do. However,I found I cant post any picture from my mobile phone successfully. It seems that there are some limitations on the file size.
  2. Yes, the ATAC also had an 120mm demonstrator based on M8 Thunderbolt ,compared to the cannon on CATTB it was a bit short... What I concern about is which one was actually mounted on the tank in photo.
  3. M1 CATTB pic from TankNet. I feel uncertain whether its cannon's caliber was 140mm or not, I found a figure at the document AD-A228 389 showed behind, which label the gun as LW 120.But in many ways I've found its data in websites all considered to be 140mm. AFAIK,the first xm291(140)demonstrator was based on xm1 tank, and the successor was the''Thumper'' which was fitted with a new turret look like the CATTB but still m1a1 hull(Maybe it was CATTB's predecessor? ) I will really appreciate if anyone have valuable information to share
  4. Thanks! I really like armor technology and want to have an extensive exchanges. But I'm not very good at English,so if any mistake in expression may I take,please forgive me.
  5. These are mass-producted 99 tanks (modification stage2)
  6. Obviously it is the 99A mobility test vehicle with the old turret which also called “type 98” in foreign(actually we didnt have such a code like this...only the 9910 project)
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