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  1. @Flametzmost of the information, history and data of J-12 comes from the chief designer Lu Xiao Peng(陆孝彭)'s Memoirs. You don't get documents,or any accurate source. The original report and stuff are no doubt still classified, that's how thing works here
  2. Akula_941

    UAV thread

    droping 82mm small death avocado
  3. just an improved protection Type-59-1 prototype, nothing too fancy,what they are researching are likely used on Type-69-2A
  4. South Korea KAAV-II Three types of chassis are proposed. Variant 1 has basic armor with turret at rear half, dimension is (LXWXH in meter) 9x3.6x3.1, turret dimension would be 2.2x1.6x0.6, Crew 3 and 20 infantrymen, engine will have 1500HP. It will bend bow flap and engine will be located on the forward and waterjet on the side of the vehicle. Variant 2 and 3 are similar to each other but with minor difference. Variant 2 use composite armor and use Vshape bow flap while Variant 3 use basic armor bend shaped bow flap. Dimension for 2 and 3 is 9.4x3.5x3 and turret dimension is 1.8x
  5. Anti-air bobcat design to take away driver's hearing in maximum efficiency SH11 155mm SPG
  6. 300rpm 76mm autocannon i bet this is how this thing sounds like when it fire
  7. No,Russian don't always uses inline and their radial one (Lavochkin) are as good as the yaks and maybe even better. Ki-84 and N1K both are better than Zero yes but what can they do? N1K fight P51H in 1944 with 620km/h top speed?what is he going to wait P51H to turn and cut it with katana? lmao Ki-84 is the only one that worth getting some credit, since it actually can match F6F,TAIC doesn't care about Ki-84,and giving the estimate report 156A that is totally contradiction to other report like F-1M-1119C-ND (which also is estimate but marke
  8. better plane my ass,go found a japanese fighter plane that can stably reach 650km/h. NOT EVEN ONE. Russian can do it with weak engine, why won't japanese? trash is trash
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