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  1. I am curious, what would be needed to penetrate the Norman at 1-2Km range? Speaking about both HEAT and KE. Would a 120mm be sufficent? Or would a 150mm be needed?
  2. I am just joking. I am guessing the practical limit is 40 ton, since more than 4 axles are rare on AFVs. @Sturgeon I am going to laugh my ass off if this ends up being the winning submisson, just replace the crane with a cannon.
  3. Thank you, this cleared up a lot of things for me. I have been looking into torque vectoring transmissions and differential steering for electric and hybrid transmissions. I saw the transmission made by University of Munich: Here is another one from Borg Warner: Call me a idiot or something, but I can't for the love of god understand these. It can't be as simple as using a electric motor and a clutch to apply additional power to one of the two wheels right? I have also been pon
  4. Could anyone with a good understand of gearboxes explain how this steering differential works? As far as I understand, the drive input powers the system, and when the steering differential's RPM equals zero, the torque is distributed equally. When the steering input rotates clockwise, the right side drive gets the most torque, proportional to the steering input torque. When the steering input rotates counter clockwise, the left side drive gets the most torque, proportional to the steering input torque. When the drive input is put in neutral, the steering input
  5. If you are going to splice some wires, for the love of god, unless you are good at soldering, use a solder sleeve. And ALWAYS use heat shrink to protect it, worst case, use wulk tape to cover it.
  6. I have a few questions regarding US gun laws: Do US firearms come with a identification number that is registered to an owner, that the police can search up in a database? In that case, could police then do random check ups on people's firearms to check if the firearm has been stolen? In the case the registration number is gone, or scratched up, the police could confiscate the firearm, until the owner gets a new registration plate or re-registers the gun. This way, the US would know how many guns each person owns, and how many in total in the US. A national fir
  7. No, sadly I did not. Though it is set up to be able to take a large array, with a lot of weight to spare. I apologize for the incomplete submission.
  8. Apparently there was a attempted mass shooting in Bærum, Norway. A guy armed with a shotgun and a pistol, plus some other guns shot up a Mosque, but luckily failed to kill anyone, and was subdued by a 75 year old man. He is now charged with attempted murder of three people. He was a ethnically white Norwegian man in his early 20s. He has no previous notable crime record and lives in the same area as the Mosque. He wore a NATO sweater (Norwegian army sweater) and a bullet proof vest. The media really wanted to hammer in the fact that he was ethnically Norweg
  9. In the area, where I live, which is not more expensive compared to the rest of the country, the square meter price is roughly 3750 USD per square meter. This makes large houses expensive, so you want to use space as efficiently as possible. Electric floor heating is almost universally used only on bathrooms until recently, since they have tiles, which get very cold. Since the total watt usually roughly equals your average heater, and the very cheap power we have here, the electricity efficiency is not really a factor. What is a huge factor, is installation cost. Adding a boiler, water pu
  10. Nordic Feminist Design Division presents: P2055 “Gaupen” Table of basic statistics: Parameter Value Mass, combat 65 metric ton Length, combat (transport) 7050mm Width, combat (transport) 3877mm Height, combat (transport) 2000mm Ground Pressure, MMP (n
  12. Paper panzer, so colors are still being decided upon. Current model aims at a high cd coefficent. A more track orientated model might be developed later. I never really get why people have this kind of dirty pleasure about Crossovers in my country, or SUVs as they are called here. Reasons people state that they like them are: 1. They have a lot of cargo space. 2. They have better ground clearance. 3. They need it go visit their cabin. 4. They feel they have a better view of the surroundings. 5. They like sitting more upright.
  13. Videos of live fire exercise celebrating that Forsvaret has finally received its last CV90s: https://www.tu.no/artikler/vi-har-samlet-det-beste-fra-cv90s-skytedemonstrasjon-i-en-video/464305 https://www.tu.no/artikler/vi-sender-live-forsvaret-feirer-panservogn-leveranse-med-skarpskyting/463551 Another video from forsvaret:
  14. So it levitates on a cushion of gas? I read something about it on the War Thunder forum that it used bearings. Is the gas used for counteracting the rotation? Page 7 SH_MM talks about liquids in armor. The only time I know the forum talked about it. Bronez also links a document: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/prep.201500137/full
  15. Ah, I see. By ignition air, do you mean the air that goes into the cylinder for combustion? And why use air as cooling instead of watercooling? Considering the recovery turbine, I think it could be possible to use a gas turbine for even better power and acceleration, which also doubles as a APU. Water injection is also a alternative.
  16. Pfft, of course not, who would want to squeeze more power out of it? he he * discreetly crumples paper and throws in trash*
  17. Recently was bored one day and drew up a simple car design. For the most part based on the Tesla Model S, Lamborghini Huracan, Mercedes S class and Volvo Polestar 2. The idea was to make a more aerodynamic car, the front is a continuous tear drop shape instead of a notch for the hood. This is possible since its a BEV. The rear is a Kammback to maximize performance and design, while still being practical and not ugly. No side mirrors, just cameras like in the Audi E-tron. It has a low profile (exaggerated in the drawing) plastic skirt along its bottom, to p
  18. Interesting, I always thought magnesium was very hard to weld. I guess it stems from the fear of the entire work piece catching fire, even if it is very unlikely. Do you use the supercharger as a blower or for better torque and low end RPM? For the compound turbo, is it something like this: I suppose that you could have a compound turbo sized so that it spools up at a large way of the rev range. For example. Lets say the tank spends most of its time between 800-1400 RPM, then it would be able to produce enough exhaust gas to power the turb
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