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  1. Do you know any autoloader that would fit in the turret and house 42 120x570mm NATO shells? Or preferably 130mm. Because I am having a hard time designing an autoloader that accomplishes this.
  2. Has this layout ever been considered? Instead of placing the engines in the sponsons, we could place the electric motors in the sponsons, and in this way have a rear sprocket drive while also having a front mounted engine, or wherever you want. (Gearbox is a reduction gear). Also, has a industrial robot arm like autoloader ever been considered? It would be quite flexible and be able to use normal racks like a loader. And do we have a place for discussing autoloader designs?
  3. And everyone from Nordic countries. ADL really hates vikings. I remember Sweden also being tricked into thinking ok sign is for white power, that milk is racist and so on.
  4. "WASHINGTON — The U.S. now has blood and urine samples from last Saturday's deadly attack in Syria that have tested positive for chemical weapons, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the intelligence." https://www.nbcnews.com/news/mideast/u-s-has-blood-samples-show-nerve-agent-syria-gas-n865431 Norwegian Media used this as a source, though it lacks a source itself.
  5. It is actually stupendously easy to buy a ABC-like suit: https://hansenprotection.no/landbruk-industri/beskyttelsesdrakter/index.html Costs 2300NOK, roughly 300 USD. These types of suits give full protection against chemicals. Considering all the drones they can afford, they defiantly could afford these suits.
  6. This guy. First off, Shouldn't he be wearing full NBC equipment? Like this: Second, Isn't his hair causing gaps in the seal between the mask and the head? OR THIS?!: It looks like he has a huge gap on the left side of his head. So either the gas is gone already, or he is very lucky.
  7. To be honest, I am having problems determining if she is a woman, or a man.
  8. Aren't female shooters quite rare? (Excluding female shooters that follow a male shooter)
  9. To pull the entire gun out of the turret through the mantlet area?
  10. Would you mind translating the name of the colors? Also, thank you very much!
  11. Does anyone know what type of motors and controllers used in the elevation/traverse mechanism, as well as the fire control system in the Leopard 2? - For example, does the electric version use a stepper motor, BLDC, PM, Induction or synchronized motor? - Do they employ dynamic or DC injection breaks? - If mechanical breaks are used, are they spring-loaded? Do they run on AC or DC? -Is regenerative breaks used? -Is the controller a simple on/off, soft starter, transformer or solid state controller? -Does the hydraulic system require
  12. Are they cheaper than conventional roadwheels?
  13. Speaking of roadwheels: What is the upside and downside of rubber tire roadwheels?
  14. Pictures from Joint Reindeer exercise: Source: https://forsvaret.no/fakta/aktivitet/ovelser/joint-reindeer-2018 https://forsvaret.no/aktuelt/trener-sammen-for-å-bli-gode-sammen
  15. Pictures from Joint Reindeer exercise: Source: https://forsvaret.no/fakta/aktivitet/ovelser/joint-reindeer-2018 https://forsvaret.no/aktuelt/trener-sammen-for-å-bli-gode-sammen
  16. Not too similar. (Taken from a high performance liquid-cooled BLDC motor.)
  17. Does a turbine give a similar torque curve to electric motors?
  18. How much can you stall a turbine engine before it dies?
  19. I wonder why a W12 engine?
  20. How about the old Homeguard model in Norway? During a 60-80s, about 1 in 40 Norwegian were a part of the Homeguard, and the HG soldiers kept their rifle and equipment at home. This meant that the military was highly integrated into the population, meaning that the people always had the support of the military, and with access to second grade military gear if the government went rogue. Considering the homeguard outnumbered the army by 12:1 right now, I think they would have a fair chance, with actual training.
  21. A interesting thought crossed my mind recently regarding a discussion about civil war in Sweden. The discussion basically boiled down to that unless the people got the Military's support, there was no way in hell a rebellion could emerge. This is simply because of the large military and reserve in comparison to the population, and how integrated it is into the common man. Would the second amendment work out for small countries like Scandinavian ones?
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