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  1. The obvious answer: Cooling, a electric car requires the same amount of cooling as a gasoline car. The actual answer: "It looks cool" Car designers love grills, to the point that they have a lot of fake grills in modern cars.
  2. Also, a turret is A LOT cheaper than replacing the crew. Crews are crazy expensive, especially in well developed countries where good wages and work conditions is demanded. Crews also wins wars, conserving experience is key. Until we can completely automate AFVs, crew experience will still have an huge impact on the battlefield. It also conserves precious manpower, and reduces casualties, which the public tend to frown on.
  3. Oh, the Multi. How on earth was this guy supposed to make a smaller variant of this? And how would this round be practical for such a small size?
  4. Numerous studies show that by moving the ammunition from the turret to the hull greatly reduces the chance of a ammunition explosion. The turret takes the majority of the hits. Adding further to this, the front is the most armored part of the hull, so by placing it behind the frontal armor you provide the most efficient armor coverage. The only thing this proves is that blow out panels massively improves crew survival rate in case of a ammunition detonation. There are only a few reason why you would ever want a bustle: Best location of a ready rack for a manual load
  5. That looks like a really bumpy slope, how fast can you go there? This is what I am used to off-pist:
  6. Since a ski on a yearly basis I guess I can post here. First I would add to your advice list: -Wear a helmet. -Use a balaclava or similar to cover your face when it is cold, you don't want to get frost bitten. -For the love of god and your kids, don't stand right below the top of a slope half way down the mountain, especially not in a line covering most of the slope. -Wear a back spine guard, unless you want to live dangerous and paralyzed, especially if you are new. -Do not do long windy turns while going downhill, it will wear out your legs faster a
  7. The idea would be to use the space for extra ammunition. Meaning, adding for example 15 more rounds. By separating them with a firewall into 2-3 sections, you could avoid heavily armoring the bustle and losing all your ready ammunition. This would weight up for the lost rounds in the mine protection kit. I think I was a bit unclear about that, I meant that because the hydraulics and old ballistic computer was removed, we had a lot of empty space. Couldn't the radio be moved somewhere else, or placed in a separate compartment from the ammunition? For example to the left in the bu
  8. You could also use the large space taken up earlier by the ballistic computer and hydraulic aggregate. The hydraulic traverse and elevation mechanism is replaced by electric motors, and the ballistic computer is digitized and miniaturized to the size of a laptop. Removing it and removing the firewall dividing it in two. Restructure the inside so that you essentially has a bustle rack similar to the M1.
  9. It should be noted that the right party is Liberal Conservative, the left party is Social Liberal, The Progressives are classic liberal and Christian party is, the Christian party, nobody cares, people just vote for them since they are THE Christian party. So the coalition could be called a Liberal coalition. The opposing group was the Labor-Center-Socialistic-environmentalist-communist Coalition. With the labor party being unionist, workers rights, socialist and for more wealthfare. Center party is basically social democratic agricultural party, previously called the farmers pa
  10. http://medcraveonline.com/JNSK/JNSK-01-00023.php Here is one source. When I said "set in stone" I meant that there was no reliable way of permanently increasing your IQ past small amounts. You could of course malnutrition, poison and damage a baby to make it's IQ drop. Just so that is clear. Well, the big question is, what is intelligence?
  11. Norway's current strategy is to invest the oil money in the Sovereign wealth fund, which then is used to diversely invest in the stock market, which the country can live on in the future. The New government, the Right-left-Progressive-christian coalition has a new strategy, investing in the industry and growing other sectors and making Norway more entrepreneur friendly. But the Dutch disease is still very real. The oil crisis hit the Norwegian economy pretty hard. 50 000 people lost their jobs in the oil sector, and many more from the sectors living off the oil sector ( shipp
  12. Yeah, try to look past the propaganda parts. I posted them since they gave neat graphics on claims, oil deposits and talked about trade.
  13. Because of climate change, new trade routes to Asia is opening up over the arctics. To top this off, it is estimated that 30% of the world oil reserves is there 13% around Svalbard. Russia and Norway are working on grabbing as much as the arctic as they can, while Canada and Denmark is currently having their new borders reviewed by the UN. Same applies to Russia, but they top it off with military presence. Svalbard is a peculiar thing in the north however. Because of the Svalbard treaty, any signers can exploit its resources at the islands or sea and it is a demilitar
  14. All of this is a bit confusing the me, so this is how I understood the points: Ulric's point: Fundamental rights are innate to human beings, and can not be removed. Practical rights are worthless unless you have power to enforce it, but still exist in the absent of power. One can for example theoretically act in opposition to the wishes of the one in power at a cost, and the only way to stop this is to take their life. Sturgeon's point: The concept of rights originates from power. Without power, one can be subjugated. O
  15. Forgot that a big metal plate works as a conductor. Still, the air gap should not be too bad if something like ceramic are used. Alternatively, a composite sandwich of conductors and isolators could be used, like NERA.
  16. Maybe doing it in a selected exclusion zone so that it can be directly compared. I am thinking about cases like renovating the school. Instead of keeping it for later, they spend it all, because or else the government takes it back.
  17. Well, you have to do it properly and in such a way that people will not feel superior and discriminate against the lower IQ people.
  18. I believe social mobility is important too, but no more than 20%. Though, there are a lot of big socialist parties in the west, we have 3 in Norway. IQ is the best indicator of success we have found. Meaning, that it has the biggest impact on your life, and is set in stone from birth. But yes, it should not be the only indicator, as we still we people high in IQ that do nothing in their life or even worse than the average person. It would be interesting to do a experiment where private school got free reign in a limited regi
  19. This is a thread for discussing education. Created to avoid derailing the Post election thread. Keep it civil and be high in openness.
  20. I found this quite interesting, and I would like people to share their opinion on this: In short, magnetic gearing. Zero contact between the two "gears" meaning "no friction", no need for lubricant, very reliable and claimed efficiency of 99% at high speeds and "much higher at lower speeds compared to conventional gearing. What this means is that you can have a final drive with almost no wear and a very long lifespan, if we do no count the bearings. It also has a side effect of slipping when the torque goes past the rated torque. This means t
  21. Heard this on the Radio today: "The a armed police response has been sent to Stavanger Hospital university after a man with a carrying a "knife-like object" was spotted in the university. The police are currently searching for the man" I guess the police don't have much to do here in Norway.
  22. Not sure what the measurements are in the US. But in Europe we measure battery size by Kwh. The power divided by the amounts of hours. One kwh is equal to 1kw*3600s (1 hour). This means that a 1 Kwh battery could run a 1Kw load for one hour, or a 2Kw load for 30 minutes, or a 4Kw load for 15 minutes. The exception being power banks and computer batteries, which are measured in Ah. The reason being that the voltage is constant (5V), also manufacturers usually use mA so that they can make the numbers look big, like 10 000mAh, instead of simply 10Ah.
  23. Progressiveism and meritocracy does not mix well. They almost oppose each other. I presume that France is alike to the rest of the west in terms of progressive-ism, maybe not as high as in Scandinavia, but still prominent. I agree here, except at one thing. Though grades strongly correlate with intelligence, they are not a sign of intelligence. Simply repeating lines from a book is not intelligence, it is just a memory game. Take the same person, and put them in a situation where they have to solve a completely new equations. They will fall short, even if they aced every tes
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