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  1. This is why I like the idea meritocracy. Your skill is examined through exams and achievements and you are judged as such. Same reason I am for legalizing IQ requirements for jobs and having a mandatory IQ test for the population. You might call it unfair, since a person with a IQ of 100 won't get a engineering job in a firm because they set the requirement to 130 IQ. But let me put it this on the edge: Who would you want to oversee the construction of a nuclear powerplant, a man with the IQ of 80 or a IQ of 160? Also, isn't it inherently unfair to the people of higher IQ th
  2. I really find the statement that "getting a Phd, higher education or alike gets you a job" is pretty much bullshit. Job opportunity gets you a job. I does not matter if one spends 3-8 years extra on education if there is no work. Here in Norway, if you go get a certificate as a welder, industrial mechanic, carpenter, construction worker, electrician ect, you are guaranteed a job. Why is that? Because the industry is in need of these workers, a job opportunity. And because you do 2,5 years of apprenticeship at one of the companies, they will most likely hire you when you are
  3. So since we are on the subject of education, how does education work in the US, and any other country for that matter? Here in Norway we first have primary school, from age 6-13, but you can begin at age 5 if you request it. Then middle school, from age 13-16. Here you begin getting grades, these are needed to get the school or line you want. From here on out, you have several options: First, you could join the army, but you need to apply and get approved for that. Second, you can go straight to becoming a apprentice if you want get a contract with a company. T
  4. It seems commonality and price is the answer. The CV90BK is simply a CV90 MultiC with a L16 81mm mortar and a FCS. You should not underestimate the Norwegian armies wish for cost cutting in the weirdest places, besides, we burnt all our money on the F-35s. MUCH cheaper solution than the AMOS:
  5. "Bombekaster på belter Hæren og Forsvarsmateriell demonstrerte den nye CV90BK (bombekastervogn) på Rena. Digitalisert kommunikasjon mellom våpensystem er hovedstikkordet for økt kampkraft. En stund lå tåken for tett over regionsfelt Østlandet til at demonstrasjonen kunne begynne. Det er nemlig ikke lov å øvelsesskyte uten klar sikt. Telemark bataljon, Hærens våpenskole og Forsvarsmateriell beholdt imidlertid både roen og troen, og ikke langt tid etter lettet tåken. Dermed kunne de fremmøtte få se hva den nye CV90-typen hadde å by på. RULLENDE BOMBEKASTER
  6. You two probably ended up speaking with the older generation, which English is very bad honestly.
  7. Depends on the person, but yes, a 13 year old Norwegian does about as well as a average adult American.
  8. Not to discredit you or anything, but "the" does not exist in Scandinavian languages. "En" means specifically one, singular, only one. In Swedish/Norwegian/Danish "En bil" translates to "One car" or "A car" in English. However, "The car" translates to "Bilen". And because we Scandinavians hate consistency, this does not even necessarily carry over to other words. Example: "Bilen, døra, huset, dama, og hode" translates into "The car, the house, the lady (or girlfriend), and the head" And to make matters worse, we have loads and loads of dialects. Oslo-, Øs
  9. Then you I assume you understand how a monitor makes no difference.
  10. You can still notice something at the corner of your eye on a flat screen. Ever played FPS? Humans are good at tracking moving objects at the edge of their vision, be at on a screen or physical object.
  11. I remember seeing a video on liveleak of a identical SVBIED during the Coalition siege of Mosul. Pretty sure it is the same one, so I think this information is wrong, at least the "biggest ever produced" part.
  12. The two ATGMs are identical, and considering the RWS does only mount a javelin, it means the MCT-30 in this picture has two Javelins. Never heard about the MCT-30 using anything else than Javelins.
  13. This is actually really good, and I REALLY hope feminists don't latch on to this and distorts this. And as mentioned by Jeep, a male role model is extremely important for a child's development, the higher risk of crime, drop out and poverty is extreme. This is what gangs thrive on, as they act as a "male role model" for the young men seeking a masculine role model.
  14. Honestly I feel like this entire gun control thing has went off the rails. People have no idea what they want. They want it black and white. So why don't we try and map out what people want and how this can be accomplished with gun control. First off, gun control activist want to reduce the deaths and damage caused by guns every year I presume. Let's take take the 11 000 figure rounded down because I am lazy. This is the biggest and easiest problem to fix, as the others are user faults and requires prohibitively expensive and complex solutions. Suicides are irre
  15. The point is, cars provide economic growth. They allow people to travel, earn and spend money. Transport goods and such. A gun does not, since they not the same. Of course, this is not how it is represented, because saying to the public "Yes, we are going to kill more people a year because we want more economic growth in this area" does not really catch on well. I am not sure what the problem is with automatic weapons and semi-automatics. The problem is not the weapon, it is the shooter. Why not just improve the licence process? In Norway, you have
  16. The claim that videogame violence desensitize you is complete bullshit. Actually, statistics actually show a reduction in aggression and violent behavior. Videogames are a medium that people can act out their fantasies in, meaning they are not incentivzed to do it in real life. Want to go on a killing spree? Do it in a videogame for the same rush, with no downsides. Videogames tend actually to show humanities dark sides. Take a game DayZ, a a horror shooter about surviving a zombie apocalypse. People kidnap people, break their legs, make them bleed, force feeds them rotten food
  17. East of the shackleton craters seems like the best spot for a lunar base: It has near constant sunlight throughout the lunar summer. Also a light map made by NASA, brighter means more sunlight throughout the six months. The most illuminated ares marked here: A and B seems like the best location, since they receive the most sunlight of them all (81-85% of the day). Building a colony in this general location would be the best from a power standpoint. Cabeus and shoemaker crater are the best spots for mining water that
  18. Phobos and Deimos could be used for the same purpose as the moon, for cheaper materials and fuel to space. Since Mars has stronger gravity and a atmosphere, it take more power to transport materials to space.
  19. When I speak of empathy, I mean a persons ability to emulate others emotions. Not how caring you are or something like that. You can be strong in empathy and still don't give a crap about someone dying, this comes down to perceptions as you mentioned. However, a person low in empathy is less likely to be affected by the death, while a person high in empathy is more likely to be affected. And then we come down to the definition, a psychopath is extremely low in empathy. This means they have a really hard time understanding others feelings. Which is why they end up not giving a sh
  20. You said psychopath/sadist, making it seem like they are similar, so I just explained to make sure everyone here was on the same track. Media tends to portray mental disorders and personality disorders pretty poorly. Examples like Sociopathy, mania, psychopathy, psychosis and schizophrenia. The new film "Kingsmen 2" is a great example here. They really love to romanticize a hybrid psychopath/sadist, which per definition is almost impossible to be.
  21. A psychopath is a person that lacks or is low in empathy. A sadist has exaggerated empathy, meaning they feel other peoples emotions more strongly than normal people, and gets sexual pleasure from others pain, and in some cases their own pain. In this case a sadist would probably do the killing out of pure pleasure. A psychopath would have to have motivation, like fame, money or ideological. In their eyes, murdering a few people does not seem like a big price to accomplice their goals. Both can go under the radar simply because people are not diagnosed unless they dev
  22. Sadists and psychopaths are the polar opposite. And they both can function well in society. CEOs and journalists are popular choices for psychopaths. Psychopaths are very good at hiding under the radar, even managing to convince psychologists into not diagnosing them. He might be motivated by the fact that he is 60. He might want fame or to be remembered.
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