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  1. Why does a shooter need a proper reason to preform mass murder? Many mass murderers can be classified as sadists. People that mistake pain for pleasure, and has much stronger empty than the average person. Just think about how you feel when the bad guy in a movie is finally taken down, and make that feeling much stronger, that is how a sadist feel. Also, the feeling of orchestrating such a big thing, the feeling of being in control of thousands of people's life. Many people murder just because of pleasure alone. To make things worse, is the amount of romanticizing f
  2. The economic prospects are enormous, it's just that the risk and very long term investment is not seen as worth it for business. Example: Why should I risk billions on a something that might only make huge profits in 25 years? Also, by doing it, you basically pave the way for the rest, meaning they can do the same at a much lower risk. Simply put, humans are prefer more short term and quick solutions with instant gratification, and are egoistical, not wanting to share with others. Capitalism is supply and demand. Unless sufficient demand is there, they would rathe
  3. From what I have heard, the reason NASA wants to go to Mars is because the public cares a great deal more about a Mars mission than a Moon mission, meaning more funding to do more stuff. If they could chose they would take the moon. Elon Musk said he wanted to make our species interplanetary, and since he needs to keep up his achievements, he chose Mars. Currently, only India, Japan, Russia, China and to some extend the US plans to colonize the moon by around 2020-30. But those are small scale and not close to what Elon Musk is planning.
  4. Colonization Of The Solar System This thread is for discussing the colonization of the solar system, mainly focusing on Mars and the Moon since they are the most relevant. Main topics include transportation, industry, agriculture, economics, civil engineering, energy production and distribution, habitation, ethics and politics. First order of business, our glories tech messiah Elon Musk has set his eyes on Mars: Reason stated? Because being a interplanetary species beats being a single planetary species. How
  5. It's actually supposed to be a CIS-Lunar space station, meaning a space station orbiting the moon. On that matter, would the people here be interested in starting a thread about colonizing the solar system, focusing the most on the moon and mars?
  6. It seems to me that the left attracts a lot of closet racists, supremacists, masochists and sexist people. Sexist examples being how one can say that woman and men are equal, for then to demand support for woman so that they can end up with the same result. And example here is a gender quota. It was enforced here to improve equality. But when you think about it, it is actually extremely sexist, demeaning the woman that climbed to the top the proper way and being a passive way to state that woman are not capable of reaching leader positions without aid. And it hurts business. I hav
  7. 1. What I am afraid of is a hot spot in the coolant circuit going back into the motor and demagnetizing the permanent magnets. 2. This is probably the best solution, though a bit heavier.
  8. How long is the education in the US? Here it is 3 years in police college. 5 for a master. We haven't had armed police until recently (because of the homegrown terrorism and the terrorist threat abroad). Crime is very low here in Norway, to the point where criminals traveling from abroad is a bigger problem where I live.
  9. Very interesting sense of fashion, dressed up for a peaceful protest here: And what flag is that? The emblem looks like anonymous, but the brown and black part is weird.
  10. I created this topic for sharing, learning and discussing electric motors and their associated systems. First thing I want to discuss is cooling systems for EV electric motors. To get the most power out of the motor you can simply overvolt the motor, since more current=more power, this however decreases the lifespan of the motor. The reason why is because electric motors have magnet wire isolation rate to last 20 000 hours at their rated temperature. Let's take the cheapest type, which is usually rated at 150 degrees Celsius. Let's say it operates at 150 degrees, and you overvol
  11. When it comes to the salmon migration, it should not really pose a problem. Just look to Norway. If it was really a big problem, we would not have such a huge fishing industry (In comparison to other sectors in the country.
  12. Again, this is why hydropower is so damn good. Use whatever renewable you want, and supplement the rest with hydropower, and when you have excess, pump the water up in the dams again.
  13. I find it funny how solar and wind is the most popular renewable energies in media. First of all, even if we could be make perfect solar panels, they would still be too unreliable because of weather. Really sucks when your city breaks down because of a cloudy day isn't it? You know what the best part is? My bloody country is trying to build out solar power, the got damn hydropower king, with 90% hydropower. Just looking at a solar map shows how ludicrously stupid this is. All this because we built a few gas powerplant/refineries in case we need urgently more power.
  14. In Norway a new government has been chosen, the Right-Progressive-Christian-Left coalition won. This means the Right party will lead Norway for 4 more years. Fun fact, a communist party named Red got 2,6% of the votes.
  15. We completely lack any form of aircraft industry, maybe a few repair shops, but those are far and few in between. Forsvaret does not sell plane parts, at most a tracked vehicles, but usually a old car or truck or parts for them. We tend to recycle a lot, which makes it hard to even find good scrapyards, and our low population does not help. (About a 30. times smaller than the US).
  16. Because optimally, the VSD (speed controller) should be right next to the motor or a part of the motor housing. This leaves no space for cables.
  17. Only places I find aluminum useful would be for the motor casings and the cables between the Generator, battery, and controller.
  18. We lack all of those in my country as far as I am aware, especially where I live. We don't have any aircraft industry, and only two small airline companies. Those two and the military are the only ones with jets. Could be tricky . I guess I would have to import then. I live 8000km from Tucson, so that would be pretty hard. I am thinking about just modding the crap out of a weaker electric motor, liquid cool and overvolt the crap out of it. Maybe change the frame.
  19. Now, where do I find a gas turbine starter?
  20. I did not know this, always great to learn new things from you. I am sadly not a very good at Norwegian history. I spoke with a actual historian awhile back who talked about the cooperation between the countries. We also tried to unify defense and such with Denmark and Sweden. This did not get anywhere however because of political pressure from the US and the Soviet Union. Instead Norway and Denmark joined NATO. It was also attempted again to unify the Scandinavian countries later, but this deal got killed by Denmark and Sweden joining the EU. Norwegian h
  21. From what I have been told from the army, the Bradley failed the mobility trials, the Marder was too heavy. Probably the width had something with it to do too, since we have a quite a myriad of small tunnels, bridges and roads in Norway. The lack of 8 man troop capacity did not help either. The Norwegian army's doctrine favored mobility and firepower over armor, this can be seen with the NM-116, which was built as a substitute IKV 91, since the army could not get themselves a IKV 91. Since the CV90 was designed specifically for the Fennoscandia terrain it had a direct advanta
  22. Hench the "thinking about". First of course we want to turbocharge it and mess with it to get more power, suspension and exhaust upgrades included. And tires. Any suggestions?
  23. Has anyone here tried to make a hybrid out of their car? Me and a mate have been thinking about making a "Separate parallel hybrid" out of his Honda Civic 1996. Idea was to take out the spare wheel, rework the rear suspension and wheels, cut out holes for the axles, add a differential and a forklift electric motor inside where the spare wheel was. The rear seats would be completely removed, and batteries would be placed where they seats was located.
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