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  1. Two articles about the CV90 and it's development for Scandinavian readers: http://www.ointres.se/udes.htm http://www.ointres.se/projekt_strf90.htm
  2. Damian called it the PT-91M2. And a link he posted: https://katowice.tvp.pl/33765287/bum...zacji-twardego
  3. Free Piston linear generator. Crappy wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free-piston_linear_generator And two videos: Not sure where to post this, but I think this could be a really good option for Series Hybrid electric AFVs.
  4. Out of curiosity, why are some vehicles 3,4m wide? Does it have to do with tunnel width? Here in Norway, our roads are usually 2,5m, 3,1m and wider than 3,6m.
  5. Not sure if you have seen these, so I will just drop these here, apparently Merkava 4 suspension:
  6. As you all know, I am Norwegian. And I think we do camping a bit different from the average person from the US. Here in Norway we have the allemannsretten law, which in simplified terms means anyone can go anywhere. No need to concern about private property when hiking. So how most Norwegians hike, is by driving/walking to the foot of the mountain/area they wish to hike and then traveling to your destination. We have no designated camping spots in the same manner as in the US. So you have to find a good spot yourself. We also lack prepared trails usually, unless it is heavily us
  7. What is that on the exhaust of the Stryker? What is the name of this vehicle?
  8. Feel free to share it as much as you want, anything I find for that matter. It's not mine anyways. Found it at Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt's site (Norwegian Military Science Institute).
  9. Felt like sharing this gem: http://www.ffi.no/no/Rapporter/08-01220.pdf A report on hybrid electric vehicles. A neat idea here is to use the hybrid electric system to power a ETC gun. This could solve the power issue, at the cost of no or reduced mobility during firing.
  10. Ah, thanks, I remembered wrong. 1200mm for missile. 600mm for Rocket.
  11. 600mm for large caliber ATGMs if I remember correctly, anything less and penetration increases.
  12. I am thinking about the big hole in the mound, with a big back shadow making a big contrast. And zero effort to hide the sticks supporting the hole. Use a netting at least. Same goes for the green spotter, in yellow-orange mound. It just makes my camouflage OCD go crazy .
  13. Just noticed this picture.... What type of camouflage is this? Against planes?
  14. How come Sweden was offered the Merkava 3? Source: http://www.ointres.se/projekt_stridsvagn_ny.htm
  15. Could the reason the XM1 proved more resilient to CE when fully exposed be because off the front mounted fuel tanks and composite side skirt? Or could it be because the XM1 had almost all it's ammunition in the turret, while the MBT-80 had all of the propellant in the hull, assuming the layout is similar to the Challenger 1?
  16. So, the tank will have a exhaust out the side like the Merkava? And I guess the step is where to thick roof armor begins?
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