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  1. Here is a image of when I was figuring out the layout: Note that the crew capsule has been raised afterwards since the engine needed more height to fit. And yes, I made this vehicle as small as possible, if I switched the engine and turret I could probably make it even lower, but I see no need to. Ground clearance is 480mm by the way. Total height 1,814m
  2. I just did a armor weight estimate on the hull, it came out at around 5 ton, which is means I will probably make the C-130J requirement. And some redesign of the composite arrays:
  3. How does the feeding mechanism work on the autocannon?
  4. Suspension and road wheels added: To do: Idlers Rubberband track Side skirt Crew hatches optics, cameras ect.
  5. Base tower added: The turret was changed around to a unmanned cleft turret. Instead of a 30mm autocannon, a 40mm autocannon was added. For simplicity I named the gun AK-40 L82 General gun info: Caliber: 40mm L82 Breech design: Rotating breech RPM: 330 Gun depression/elevation: -10/+90 Ammuniton: Cartridge: 40x356mm Design: Caseless, telescopic Types: APFSDS-T (DU) and GPR.
  6. A update on the complete redesign of the chassis:
  7. That is what I am trying, lightweight above all pretty much, but still filling the requirements. I did read the post, and I am doing a complete redesign of my vehicle.
  8. I have to say, weighing 20 ton and filling out the requirements seems to be nearly impossible.
  9. Thanks for the welcome. The name "Stormpanser" means something close to "Assault armor" when translated from Norwegian into English. And: Germanic languages: German: Panzer Swedish: Pansar Danish: Panser Norwegian: Panser "Panser" means armor, armored vehicle ect. "Storm" means here assault or attack. In Norway, IFVs are designated "Stormpanservogn"
  10. A prototype model of Stormpanser SP-1: Current model is used to figure out internal space, tracks are placeholder, but represents the actual width. The current vehicle is still in development. Current idea: 3 man IFV using several parts from the CV90, this includes tracks and engine. It shares the same turret ring diameter and the current model is supposed to be fitted with the Kongsberg MCT-30 unmanned turret modified with SPIKE ATGM launchers. Estimated production model specifications: Mobility: Scania DSI 16, Deisel 800hp. 40hp/ton Weight: 20 ton Transmission:
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