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  1. I feel that the hydrostatic powertrain is about ready. Hydraulics: Flow schematic: EDIT: AND OF COURSE I MESSED UP THE HYDRAULICS. Late nights and pens are a bad combination......
  2. That explains it, I only though about the pistons. I think I will be running with a opposed piston engine, because my special tonk needs to be even more of a special snowflake. I also did a quick mock up: Weights roughly 10 metric ton, made out of aluminum. For now, purely structural (45mm thick). Also, do we know if the filthy enemies rounds bounce at a certain angle, or penetrate more when angled? I remember that the old soviet APFSDS bounced at 75 degrees. Also, CHA and RHA are equal yes?
  3. So simply down rating it would solve that problem? Also, how is a opposed piston unbalanced?
  4. In the mobility section it was talked about reliability, and how the 5TD could be made reliable if done properly. What was wrong with the engine?
  5. Taking your idea, I came up with something like this. A pressure sensor sits on the accumulator. When the accumulator compresses, it compresses a hydraulic fluid which controls the engine throttle, the more the accumulator is compressed, the less throttle the engine gets. Also, when at the dead bottom, it activates a valve which decouples the prime mover from the pump and locks it hydraulically, while also bypassing it with a check valve. I could add a hydraulic/pneumatic PID for more precise control. Also note that the control lines are simplified, and probably
  6. So I have been working on a schematic for my hydrostatic transmission. In short, its a hydraulic open circuit. A swash plate pump delivers the power to the system. A over pressure valve makes sure excess pressure and pressure spikes are vented into the reservoir. The power is split by a distributor valve, acting as a sort of differential lock in the case of a track slipping. The flow is then regulated by a flow valve that feeds into a direction changer valve. It feeds the hydraulic motor, also a swash plate motor. In parallel, it has a freewheel valve for when you simply want t
  7. Hydraulic efficiency is not that bad in a closed loop system with a swash plate pump. Around 80-85%. Combined with accumulators and very good torque characteristics and they are not that bad. When it comes to electric propulsion, simply use two engines, two generators and two motors. Efficiency should be pretty good here, if you can handle the catching on fire and dual engine stuff. I probably wont design a all turret tank, though I like having the option. Maybe if I got some extra time. I am more aiming at learning and being creative in this competition th
  8. Imagine a BV206, only that everything can rotate 360 degrees. Like a excavator. Because I am sure our superior drivers can cope with the sudden rotation of his workstation and sometimes complete lack of vision while guiding his vehicle through narrow mountain roads. No less should be expected. In a way, the vehicle would be a turret on tracks. Kinda like this: Also, welcome Zadlo to the forum and this GLORIES competition, I am looking forward to your great contribution to the greater good.
  9. If a AFV lacks a turret, can it ignore the turret requirements? Or does it transfer to the hull? Does the same apply for a AFV lacking a hull?
  10. So no Strv 103? True, but its neat to have the option. Aluminum is really hard to weld in my experience, compared to steel, so I was just worried about the weld quality. But I assume they are equal.
  11. I have a few questions: 1. Is a 360 degree turret required? 2. Are tracks required? 3. What type of terrain is the vehicle expected to operate in? Marsh, swamp, snowy, rocky, hilly, forested, mountainous, many rivers? , many lakes?, frequent river crossings? Urban fighting? Frequent use of tunnels? etc. 4. What is the quality and capability of the welding industry? Does aluminum welds reach the same quality as steel welds? 5. When requiring it to fit the average soldier at 1,7m, does that mean the 95th percentile of a population with a average height of 1,7m? 6. If
  12. I believe a good example would be the British during WWI. They had a small, highly skilled and professional army that was very effective, until most of the highly trained soldiers died of attrition and was replaced by conscription in the meat grinder. In attrition warfare, a highly skilled and equipped army would fail, because if they run out of steam, they would be stuck fighting a war of attrition, exhausting their resources quicker than their enemy. On large fronts, or areas requiring large amounts of troops to cover the front line, a smaller force would be surrounded and dest
  13. Unless something has changed, Forsvaret does not have any plans to buy a new MBT before the MGCS. Budget issues. Only thing considered is buying basically CV90s with 120mm.
  14. This issue seems to be blown out of proportions. I have a friend who is doing his service time as a conscript in Panserbataljonen. He has not heard anything about this issue. They also train with kampeskadronen. It does seem that some CV90s have a manufacturing fault, with welds causing the leak apparently. It is also rumored that one affect CV90 has had leaks since it was adopted. Though it would not really be surprising, Forsvaret is a mess from what I have been told. This is at least what I have heard. I can translate the articles from Teknisk Ukemag
  15. As far as I am aware, Sweden was only inspired by the US to test DU armor themselves. Original: " Inspirerade av den valda skyddslösningen i den amerikanska stridsvagnen M1A1 DU där Chobhampansaret uppgraderats med skikt av utarmat uran, gjordes provskjutningar i Sverige även mot denna typ av material. Resultaten visade på möjligheten att nå bättre skyddsprestanda om volymen och inte vikten var gränssättande. " English: " Inspired by the american armor solution in the M1A1 DU main battle tank, in which the Chobham armor was upgraded with layer of depleted uran
  16. And you need water injection! Simply drill a hole into the throttle body, run a tube from the window viper pump and BAM! Water injection on demand!
  17. In a ground-survey it was found huge amounts of pure copper in the Nussir-area, in Repparfjord. The Norwegian government gave the green light to start mining the vein. This was disliked by the local Sami who claim they lost land for their reindeer, and of course the usual backlash from environmentalists. Their issue is the mining waste. A dumping are will be constructed, as far as I am aware, they are filling in a portion so isolate it from the rest of the fjord. It takes up roughly 15% of the area. Everything in this area will die, but it is estimated that 10 years after the mini
  18. " Forsvarets K9 Thunder are soon ready: Here is the Norwegian artillery vehicle The two first vehicles should be built in march. K9 Thunder is the name of the artillery that will replace Norway's 50 year old M109-artillery. It is produced in South Korea, a country which other parts of Forsvaret and Norwegian petroleum industry has had mix experience with. Therefor it is comforting to hear that the facto
  19. It would probably need to suck more. But it is meant as a back up. But honestly, if your country lacks power, how can it even function? If you knock out the power grid in the US, it would probably surrender it less than a month. Either that or the government would throw the citizen under the bus for a slow Berlin like grind until they lost. I am not arguing for a multi fuel diesel capable of running on hydrogen, I was just explaining that it is possible, though not practical. Here's a explanation of the hydrogen injection system:
  20. It is true that it would not be practical for countries lack a good supply of fresh water. But for those that have large quantities of it, it is not problem. A truck could literally lower a hose into a river and suck up water, while it is powered from the grid. A country could run reverse osmosis, then electrolysis. Though, it is a lot more expensive. The idea is to have a emergency power pack option that could be installed in AFVs when the country in question faces fuel shortages. The power pack would by no means be as good as a conventional power pack, but it would run.
  21. A ballpark guess would be 250-500kg of hydrogen per MBT, meaning 2500-5000 liters of water per tank. Not sure about the efficiency in sea water.
  22. I have been pondering about a concept I have yet to hear about it. Considering automobiles are moving towards fully electric or Hybrids, AFVs would most likely follow the same path. My take is a series diesel hybrid is the most likely. I think turbines might make a comeback, if I am not mistaken, the problem was the fuel consumption at idle, while at speed it was close to a piston engine. By using a generator, the turbine would only run at its optimal RPM, shutting off after charging the battery. The long start up time of the turbine would also be solved by running on the bat
  23. Its a metal piece, close to the metal cog connected to the axle. On the opposite side there is a cable connected with a nipple that looks way to flimsy to be a hydraulic coupling. There is also another hose which is way beefier which looks exactly like a hydraulic hose. Considering it is a single acting piston, it should not need more than one hose. The thing looks like a crude axle pulse encoder, basically every time the metal piece passes the cog teeth, a metal sensor detects the metal and sends a pulse to the ECU/ABS controller/thing and it counts it. 360 degrees equal the amou
  24. Finally got the drum on, found the adjuster. So you believe that replacing the break fluid from DOT 3 to DOT 4 is safe? It says on the container: "ONLY USE DOT 3". The car is pretty old though, 1995-1999 model. I do have a oil pump, do you think it could do the same job? That is true, it makes me feel better, since I would have to remove the rust anyways. Going to remove the rust and weld shut the hole. I am thinking about just gluing on plate though. For now I just taped over the hole to stop snow and mud
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