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  1. Today I learned that heated flooring is not a common thing in the US.
  2. Depends on your belief in KISS and how much you are willing to pay. If you believe hydraulic fires are a big enough hazard for the crew, even if the crew is isolated from the hydraulics, then electric actuators are the way to go. Though, big as high current cables can be fun too. If you have ever welded, you know the deal.
  3. Hydraulics are better suited, much cheaper, the same performance for simple dead stop applications. Electric linear actuators are more suited for precision, were they justify their price. Though they might be preferable to avoid a hydraulic aggregate.
  4. I am very certain those shutters are made to resist fragments and small arms fire. I am pretty sure flechettes could punch through that. Though it is for the most part brainstorming. The success rate could be low. A even more crazy idea would be a gunk shell. Pretty much a shell with a substance that would cover exposed optics, making them unusable, and try to jam shutters. A type of smoke shell, could also work, if it blocks the view from the thermal sight. I believe similar tactic was used by the M4 crews on the western front? Honestly, shit tons of missiles sound
  5. What about a simple mission kill round? Use a shell or rocket with a small shotgun charge and flechette that detonates outside the APS's range, covering the enemy vehicle in high velocity flechettes that ruin all exterior equipment. To maximize range, a tiny charge would separate the flechettes downrange so that they cover a wider area. Something along the same line as kinetic energy ATGMs, or a air burst. Just way more powerful. How hard is it for a FCS to dumbfire a volley of rockets at a enemy MBT at 4km?
  6. I think it is time to embrace the vile concepts of the missile gods: Blast em with shittons of missiles:
  7. I meant that the gunner pulls the trigger. In a automated system, the commander would "pull the trigger" by marking a target for the system. The entire point of machine learning a image recognition software is to be able to adapt to small changes. Something basic vision systems fails at. In the same time you would use to open your computer, print out some photos of enemy vehicles, and given it to the recruits, a machine learning system could have already gone though hundreds, thousands, even millions of of attempts. The only limit is the computer budget of the developers.
  8. The gun laying process and loading is already automated. What needs to be done is target recognition, and responding in a reasonable way. If I remember the hunter-killer process correctly, the command assigns the targets and might provide firing data. From there on out, the gunner needs to find the target the commander assigns, and pull the trigger. The process from ammunition rack to target: 1. Commander marks a marks a target. 2. The FCS turns to the targets general direction, and then uses the digital sight to locate the target. 3. Image recogniti
  9. Simply fortify the Kiel canal and Baltic forests, and let time do it's job. Maybe ally the US and Russia. Scratch that, maybe ally visegrad group.
  10. I am honestly wondering if Norway could be become a US state. I liked the EU. Liked. Honestly, the EU seems to be going more and more to the shitter. Oh well, maybe a Nordic Federation is a possibility now.
  11. Literally almost a years worth of budget for Sjøforsvaret. Roughly 508 million USD. She took a lot of damage from the impact, and even more from being stranded and rubbing against the rocks. It is assumed that all electronics, instruments, drive line components, generators, interior and anything that can get wet must be replaced. Considering this is a warship, it is basically screwed.
  12. Yeah, I am Norwegian. This sounds legit, though badly translated. The reason the warship sank by the way, is because they anchored the ship to land to keep it steady. But it was a poor job, a wire broke, and when they tried to reinforce it, it became too dangerous and they had to abort half way. Later other wires broke, leading to a chain reaction causing the reinforced wire to rip out a chuck of rock and the ship sinking. Sjøforsvaret tells the media that it has no ship rescue capability "because they are not a ship rescue company" . That competence has to b
  13. the new mortar carrier?
  14. This is honestly incompetent beyond belief. The warship had several warnings well in advance and said that "it was under control". This is a disaster for sjøforsvaret. Russia's northern fleet might as well be scuttled and then invest in some old cargo ships with reinforced bows.
  15. Not sure if anyone noticed, but Norway recently lost a Frigate in a collision with a oil tanker during operation trident: The Frigate apparently did not yield as it was supposed to do and collided with the oil tanker, tearing a 10m long tear in the side. This effectively sunk 20% of Norway's active frigate fleet and costs the armed forces millions. The media absolutely loves this, and can't stop talking about the damn warship. Even the got damn engineering magazines talk about it. Source: https://www.nrk.no/hordaland/nato_-knm-_helge-ingstad_-dre
  16. I am curious about how the US could collapse? Would a Kaiserreich esc thing happen? Pacific States of America, Cascadia, New England, Texas and the US. Only thing I could imagine would be a economic collapse that would hit critical mass on the political divide. California breaking lose with Washington and Oregon, forming a sort of Pacific States of America, could be a possibility, but they would have to secure a sustainable water source to have a chance. Cascadia could declare independence, being isolated from the US by PSA. New England c
  17. A road trip video a friend of mine made:
  18. Here in Norway everything is slow as hell outside the capitol. In my region, the highest road standard is "motor traffic road" which is a two lane road separated in the middle by a barrier, with sometimes a bypass/hill clime lane. The highest speed limit is 80km/h, but usually 70km/h. Only around the capitol do we have freeways with a incredible 110km/h speed limit! Still the easterners complain about their four lane, 110km/h excellently maintained roads with excellent bus and train coverage is not good enough. Meanwhile, where I live, out main
  19. Damn Americans can't stay away from our bacon hot dogs! Just don't get massacred by cocky elementary school children with snowballs....
  20. Wasn't one of the big selling points of the Bushmaster III that changing from 35 to 50mm was easy? Also, I am speaking about the CV90, not the Griffin.
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