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  1. One thing I have been thinking about is how to help a suicidal person if they are actively been bought down by a close relatively like a parent or spouse, when you have no way to removing said individual. On the pure mental, how ever much one tries to help the suicidal person, it is undone by the significant other, since they are more important in life then yourself. For every plus you give to the person, they give them a bigger minus. And considering negatives are usually stronger than positives for the same action, you are working at a loss.
  2. I took my car into the garage today, to do some general maintenance. Was going to change the break liquid, but I bought the wrong type. So I tried changing oil, but the drain plug was so stuck and hard to get that I needed to lift the car, and since I lacked the stands to have it on, so waited with that too. Then I began changing the drum break pads. I could not find the lift point, so in my half hypothermic, half feverish state I mistook the side channel for the lift point and did this: After swearing a lot and getting a better jack, I found the correct point
  3. Do a DNA test on all US born children and legal immigrants and store it in a national database. Also store their thumb print. So when you need to access health care, you scan your thumb, for the more expensive procedures and/or when you have ripped off all your fingers, do a DNA test. This would solve parental fraud, and give a surefire way to identify if a individual is accepted to health care or not. Else their own health insurance will cover it, or given the bill directly. It would also make police work much easier with a complete data base of all american citizen's DNA.
  4. I am not arguing against it, it was just a study seemed a bit poor in my eyes. I have a small insane theory about the wall. The wall is made by steel pillars. American steel. Trump has talked a lot about restoring the domestic steel industry, and for example introduced tariffs. Could the wall/fence be a mega project initiated to help grow the american steel industry? As a "Casus Belli", they would use the ongoing migrant crisis to justify the mega project. I find this idea intriguing, and it almost justifies the fence in my eyes, though
  5. The studies is a bit small, roughly 1000+ people. No information on where the study was conducted. More heavy on democrats (33%) compared to republicans (27%), more heavy on woman than men (51%). Though, it is defiantly more accurate than simply guessing. I think a bigger study should be done, with at least 1 million, to narrow down the error margin. Though I assume the results would be the same or very similar. The study kind of confuses me, it actually says 52% of voters disapprove how trump is handling the immigration policy. But 53% of voters approve how he is handling
  6. I don't know a lot about the US climate, so I just guessed, thanks for correcting me. And yes, I assumed they did, it is the norm her in Norway for washrooms and bathrooms to have tiles, sometimes the hall too. But if you speak about what is the most cost efficient, electric floor heating is not worth is at all. It's a "luxury" thing, people want it so that they can have fancy floors that tend to be very cold, and still have a warm feeling from beneath their feet. A rug is way more cost efficient. The only real upside is the very well distributed heating.
  7. I was thinking in relation to this, the gulf stream is what keeps Norway from being a cold wasteland. Considering that Ohio is center north in the US, it should be a bit colder than, for example, Italy. But I see your point. Remove the flooring tiles, cut into shape the heating mats, add a power cord and heat sensor, and hook it up to a thermostat. Then re add the flooring. Not very expensive at all. Besides, who uses water borne floor heating outside of eco houses?
  8. I think the hottest summer we have had is 34 degrees C. Heated floor is pretty standard here, pretty much all bathrooms, some washrooms, and in new houses, most floors. Though, I asked a friend in Ohio, and she had never heard about them. Isn't Ohio a tad bit colder?
  9. I am from Norway, north-west Norway. The land of heated floors and salt.
  10. Today I learned that heated flooring is not a common thing in the US.
  11. Here in Norway pretty much everyone knows how not to fall off cliffs. So we don't need most of these campgrounds and rangers. But then we were surprised when tourist kept falling of cliffs and shit, a lot. So we finally made tourist trails on the most tourist trafficked trails in the country and basically made them gravel roads with plenty of patrols. But yeah, outside of that we do have the red cross, and social services which help you out when you broke a leg or some shit. We literally dispatched a helicopter, over 100 people, plus police and medical personal and volunteer
  12. Basically anywhere in the wild in Norway. Here we expect people to take care of themselves.
  13. Depends on your belief in KISS and how much you are willing to pay. If you believe hydraulic fires are a big enough hazard for the crew, even if the crew is isolated from the hydraulics, then electric actuators are the way to go. Though, big as high current cables can be fun too. If you have ever welded, you know the deal.
  14. Hydraulics are better suited, much cheaper, the same performance for simple dead stop applications. Electric linear actuators are more suited for precision, were they justify their price. Though they might be preferable to avoid a hydraulic aggregate.
  15. I am very certain those shutters are made to resist fragments and small arms fire. I am pretty sure flechettes could punch through that. Though it is for the most part brainstorming. The success rate could be low. A even more crazy idea would be a gunk shell. Pretty much a shell with a substance that would cover exposed optics, making them unusable, and try to jam shutters. A type of smoke shell, could also work, if it blocks the view from the thermal sight. I believe similar tactic was used by the M4 crews on the western front? Honestly, shit tons of missiles sound
  16. What about a simple mission kill round? Use a shell or rocket with a small shotgun charge and flechette that detonates outside the APS's range, covering the enemy vehicle in high velocity flechettes that ruin all exterior equipment. To maximize range, a tiny charge would separate the flechettes downrange so that they cover a wider area. Something along the same line as kinetic energy ATGMs, or a air burst. Just way more powerful. How hard is it for a FCS to dumbfire a volley of rockets at a enemy MBT at 4km?
  17. I think it is time to embrace the vile concepts of the missile gods: Blast em with shittons of missiles:
  18. I meant that the gunner pulls the trigger. In a automated system, the commander would "pull the trigger" by marking a target for the system. The entire point of machine learning a image recognition software is to be able to adapt to small changes. Something basic vision systems fails at. In the same time you would use to open your computer, print out some photos of enemy vehicles, and given it to the recruits, a machine learning system could have already gone though hundreds, thousands, even millions of of attempts. The only limit is the computer budget of the developers.
  19. The gun laying process and loading is already automated. What needs to be done is target recognition, and responding in a reasonable way. If I remember the hunter-killer process correctly, the command assigns the targets and might provide firing data. From there on out, the gunner needs to find the target the commander assigns, and pull the trigger. The process from ammunition rack to target: 1. Commander marks a marks a target. 2. The FCS turns to the targets general direction, and then uses the digital sight to locate the target. 3. Image recogniti
  20. Simply fortify the Kiel canal and Baltic forests, and let time do it's job. Maybe ally the US and Russia. Scratch that, maybe ally visegrad group.
  21. I am honestly wondering if Norway could be become a US state. I liked the EU. Liked. Honestly, the EU seems to be going more and more to the shitter. Oh well, maybe a Nordic Federation is a possibility now.
  22. Literally almost a years worth of budget for Sjøforsvaret. Roughly 508 million USD. She took a lot of damage from the impact, and even more from being stranded and rubbing against the rocks. It is assumed that all electronics, instruments, drive line components, generators, interior and anything that can get wet must be replaced. Considering this is a warship, it is basically screwed.
  23. Yeah, I am Norwegian. This sounds legit, though badly translated. The reason the warship sank by the way, is because they anchored the ship to land to keep it steady. But it was a poor job, a wire broke, and when they tried to reinforce it, it became too dangerous and they had to abort half way. Later other wires broke, leading to a chain reaction causing the reinforced wire to rip out a chuck of rock and the ship sinking. Sjøforsvaret tells the media that it has no ship rescue capability "because they are not a ship rescue company" . That competence has to b
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