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  1. Not sure how showing a CV90 with a bushmaster 50mm would change anything. The US has already tested the gun on the Bradley. And if you thinking about the recoil or similar, the CV90 is capable of fitting the Bofors 57mm gun. Source: http://www.ointres.se/projekt_strf90.htm
  2. That's pretty comprehensive. Though, I find it weird. Do you know if Ethercat or Ethernet/IP was considered? I think it would make a lot more sense in a military application.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to clarify. I really appreciate it.
  4. Just curious, could you tell me how the Marder compares to the Puma, maintenance wise? Like specific examples that don't break OPSEC. Do you know if it is Ethernet, Ethernet/IP or EtherCat?
  5. I know that the armor layout of the Strv 122 is less efficient. I was just wondering about this: I am confused here. Coli states "You can see that side armor was prioritized", referring to the hull side armor schematic. Then, you say : "It wasn't prioritized". And then you say : "The Strv 2000 should be better protected around the hull". Since the Strv 2000 should be better protected around the hull, would it not makes sense to think that the engineers prioritized side armor? I am not trying to strawman you or anything lik
  6. Most common issue is that the gas has leaked out.
  7. What part of it does not work? The cooling or heating?
  8. I see. I wonder if it would be more cost effective. Unlocking the breaks for towing would be useful. Forgot about that one. True. I think it only would need to be big enough to capture one or two full breaking sessions from top speed.
  9. Thank you for the correction, late night translation is not my strong suite. Good point. But one thing, doesn't the Strv 2000 have thicker sideskirts than the M1A1?
  10. " De tekniska studierna delades upp i kompetensuppbyggande studier och försök, konceptstudier samt projektstudier. Fysiskt skydd kom att prioriteras före beväpningssystem, ledningssystem och rörlighetssystem. Tre huvudkrav kom att bli konceptstyrande: Skjutning under gång varvet runt (360º) med huvudvapnet Direktutblick för vagnchefen från vagnens högsta punkt Överlevnad för vagn och besättning vid en träff i ammunitionslagringen Vidare beaktades de typiskt svenska förhållandena som normalt resulterade i speciella krav på försvarsmaterielen – den korta värnpliktsutbildnin
  11. Why not let the motor freewheel? Simply stop powering the pump and the hydraulic liquid will flow through the system until it expends the energy and stops. Alternatively, you could "short circuit" the motors, by directing the hydraulic fluid from the outlet port to the inlet port. Variable breaking power could be accomplished with a throttle valve at the outlet port and/or feeding into a accumulator. If a constant pressure has to be provided, then this valve works like the throttle. Rotating direction can easily be changed by a cross (?) valve. Not sure what it translates into.
  12. " En 10,5 cm kanon monterades ovanpå Mardern i ett enmanstorn. Med denna rigg UDES 19 genomfördes ett flertal olika försök – körning, skjutning, med mera. Det gjordes egentligen två riggar för UDES 19. Utöver kör- och skjutriggen tillverkades även en laddrigg. På dessa genomfördes kör-, skjut-, observations-och laddförsök. Laddriggen testade principen att låta en laddpendel som roterar runt samma axel som kanonen föra skotten ett och ett från magasinet till kanonen. Konstruktionen visade sig fungera bra och vara så robust att varken snö eller de grenar man testade med (upp till 5 cm)
  13. The idea of the thought experiment was to not use conventional mechanical parts. So a differential would be cheating. You have a good point about the torque converter, it is pretty much dead weight. I guess the pump could have a stall speed higher than the idle rpm. Though I think heavy equipment is fundamentally different from, say a car. Since they require much higher reliability, roughness and lower cost. As far as I have seen, most hydraulic driven heavy equipment use air cooled hydraulic motors. This would be a no go for a car. A liquid cooled motor would probably deal
  14. Thanks, I sadly do not have a lot of practical experience with hydraulics, so this was very helpful. I had a idea about a sort of hydraulic transmission. The idea was to use hydraulics instead of a mechanical reduction gear and differential, and then couple a accumulator to the system to absorb breaking power for later use. I have heard that hydraulic regenerative breaking has a efficiency of 90% compared to the electrical at around 60%. I also wonder if it is possible to completely lock the motors (assuming they are completely sealed, no run off), and use them as a
  15. I have a curious question: Lets say I have a car and I want to power it with hydraulics. A engine is connected to a hydraulic pump via a torque converter. The hydraulic pump powers two motors that are plumbed in parallel. Would this work like a differential, or would a actual differential be needed? Also, Could I use a pump/motor setup as a reduction gear?
  16. Honestly, I think a machete or a sami knife would be better, chops just as well in my experiance. I rarely use my hatchet. I have actually chopped down more trees with my spade than with the hatchet.
  17. Some guy wrecked the Trump National Doral Miami Hotel lobby (NSFW): https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=kqoSt_1540401872
  18. The biggest newspapers in Norway are complete crap for the most part. They mostly recycle articles from abroad, to the point that they don't even care to properly translate it, and instead use norwegianized English words. Most articles are about celebrities, and useless junk from abroad. Its so bad that you have to read a local newspaper to get national information. We even had "murica experts" to give people "informed opinions" on the "political landscape" in the US. Turned out most of them were no more knowledgeable than your average tourist. One popular theme is "vesle ma
  19. Norwegian media spoke with a "expert" named J. Reid Meloy. I use quotation marks since Norwegian media tends to call anyone with knowledge of a subject a "expert", though this one is actually a forensics researcher. According to him, this is probably a person with deep hate for the targets. He thinks this most likely is driven by ideology, most probably a white nationalist. He thinks the person could be military and police, because of the technical knowledge needed to build a bomb. He thinks the election is the cause. Source: https://www.aftenp
  20. Indeed they are, I watch them once in awhile for the entertainment. I feel most of his videos are of good quality, so just pick some topic you find interesting. Though I would not call the Kalergi plan unattainable. I actually think it is a genius plan, in a psychopathic genocidal way. Ethnic groups a problem? Simple replace them with a mixed of new people that don't really identify with the nation. How not to start a race war? Simply make sure the recipient country has low birth rates and make sure the sender country has high birth rates, and don't do it to
  21. If you are talking about Black Pigeon Speaks, then actually no, I just saw the title and wondered what it was, so instead of watching his video, I actually looked it up. He is a bit too propagandistic for me. Though I have to say, the 1900s were really a interesting time.
  22. Today I learned about the Kalergi plan, which is basically a reverse nazi plan for the unification of Europe from the 1920s
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