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  1. Lets talk about fire control systems. How do they function and what makes them so expensive? As far as I understand basic fire control systems: The operator/chip in the round/marker inputs the shell data. A range finder finds the range of the target, and calculates the trajectory of the shell. A sensor (dunno what they are called) finds the height difference between the AFV and the target, compensating for the elevation/depression. A temperature sensor gives the temperature to compensate for loss of power in the gunpowder and air density. A wind sensor gives the wind s
  2. Welding aluminum would also be more costly. Need to have the surface oxide layer grinded away. Also welding aluminum in general is harder because of its low melting point, high heat capacity and good thermal conductivity. Machining aluminum is however, much easier than steel or harder alloys. Drilling and cutting hard steel plates is also a huge pain in the ass. I hate stainless steel, and it is not even close to the hardness of armor steel. Automation would probably fix most of these issues. Robotic welders would accomplish a "perfect" weld, drill jigs would drill ou
  3. In pains me that I probably won't be able to throw my hat in the ring. But in case I get the chance, I have a few questions: What is the average height of a conscript male? What fuel does the enemy use? Is the technology cut-off date 1969? Is cast armor roughly 15% weaker?
  4. https://newatlas.com/electromagnetic-flywheel-engine/55254/ Interesting talk about replacing the flywheel with a electric motor.
  5. Variable Geometry turbocharger: Twin Scroll turbocharger: Variable Twin Scroll Turbocharger: Watch these three videos, which will give you a quick explanation of the three turbochargers. ??? Integrated exhaust manifolds simply make the exhaust manifold a part of the block. This allows it to be water cooled. And the heat from the exhaust helps heat up the coolant running through the block, helping it reach optimal temperature faster. It also allows
  6. So in theory, the crank shafts would be lighter, not needing the counter weights I guess. From what I gathered, they basically had the luxury of computer modeling, found out that by turning the entire engine a little to the side, it saves height and a better air flow.
  7. Has integrated exhaust manifolds been considered? It should help with cold starts and provide a faster way of getting the engine up to the optimal temperature. Also it allows you in theory, to reduce the temperature of the exhaust. Other neat features would be variable twin scroll turbochargers.
  8. How does it work in a diesel? Does it just lower the compression ratio to compensate for the higher boost?
  9. Why would Variable Compression (VC) be useful in diesel vehicles? I would like to see a camless engine. Like the one Koenigsegg is developing.
  10. Are these engines inherently balanced?
  11. Turret number matches the army's posterboy: Leopard 2 121 Allfader: Might have been used to test new armor for the upgrade program:
  12. I found this video, in which the company Achates talks about their opposed piston engine, and the 1500hp opposed piston engine planned for a future MBT:
  13. As far as I am aware, you simply use a longer swing arm if you want longer travel. However, considering that you can't have 1000 mm of travel because of obvious reasons, you need better dampening, which is where the actual performance of the suspension comes in. The reason why the Challenger II has less travel is because it does not need it. The better dampening compensates for it. Think about how the recoil mechanism of a gun works. Thanks for explaining! How? As long as you can adjust the pressure of the hydraulic line, it should not rea
  14. Use nitrogen? Like a valve? Welcome to SH! Has any tank designer considered moving most of the working elements out of the suspension unit? Simply move the accumulator inside the hull, or away. Then you have a simple hydraulic actuator and a swing arm outside the hull, which should not really be much bigger than torsion bar. To vary the dampening, add a valve between the accumulator and the hydraulic line. Something like this:
  15. Not sure how comparing the suspension travel of two different suspensions makes sense here? You could simply make a Hydropneumatic suspension with more travel right? So you are saying that the hydropneumatic suspension is heavier than torsion bar, and that it is lighter is a myth? What was the weight of the vehicle? Why not just tell the suspension to adjust to the temperature? The FCS has a temperature sensor last I checked, simply share that with the main computer and tell the suspension to adjust accordingly. Or take the next step and go for a
  16. Damn, correct. I would also add that it had a domestic turret and used ordinary steel plates.
  17. Finally got some internet again. So I have a hard one for you guys. What makes this Landsverk L-120 unusual?
  18. This is genius. Using Neural networks to make ads. Using the virtual space of the internet to do millions of simulations a day. This is just GENIUS. You can't do this in reality, as every sheet of paper costs money, but in virtual reality, you can make trillions of copies without costing a dime. The possibilities are just endless.
  19. I am highly skeptical to this law. Considering all the policing, witch hunts, smear campaigns and the "It is a automated system, therefor, we are not actually acting like a Totalitarian police state with very vague rules to allow us to ban indiscreetly anyone we like , it is just some bugs ;)" we see in mayor social media platforms. Most youtubers are switching to patron type income because they are shut down for questionable reasons. The Nazi's just wanted to clean out the inferior, degenerate part of humanity. To make sure only the best suited would lead on the next era of hum
  20. A question to the guys here that have experience with repairing cars. I got a Volvo V50 2007, 1,6L TDI, FWD. 190 000 Km. Sometimes, when the car runs at right below 2000RPM, usually in fourth gear going 60-70Kp/h, up a slight hill, engine running a little heavy, the steering wheel begins to shake and the car loses power slowly. When I press the accelerator, the steering wheel begins to shake more and more, and it feel like the engine begins to shake a lot, though I have not dared to give too much gas, in fear of damaging the engine. The engine gains in practice zero p
  21. Basically a large push switch connected to a relay that activates one or two shaped charges? Seems to me like it.
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