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  1. More mass to absorb the energy from the blast basically. To be honest, it sounds about as effective as track/concrete armor during WWII, or improvised slat armor in the Syrian Civil War.
  2. How does filling wheels with water act as a shock dampener?
  3. Has any design tried to simply make a huge shock dampener? I guess double hull bottom with air in between technically works as a pneumatic shock dampener, but has any hydraulic, hydro pneumatic or proper pneumatic shock dampeners been tried? So far it seems designers only use thick slabs of composite material, and some slope to direct away the explosions.
  4. I think this shape would be simple and effective: Belly is composed of two sloped plates, spaced apart with air between to work as a cushion. Preferably the plates would slope upwards until they are vertical, where they would be welded to the side armor. Either a cast or bent plate could be used. The underside of the sponsons are curved upwards and outwards to direct the blast away from the hull. Double hull could be used here, but I am not sure if it is worth it.
  5. Don't you mean number 3? Also, out of curiosity, does a curve spread the force better than a V. Doesn't the tip experience more force and risk breaking the weld, also a slightly sideways explosions would hit a flat side? Wouldn't this theoretically make the rounded belly the best shape?
  6. The 3 most common reasons tend to be: -Sexual frustration. -Sadism -Inability to climb the dominance ladder, or put in a easier term, inability to leave a mark in the world. This easily explains why young males make up the largest group. If you need a source, I might see if I can find the article, been a long time however.
  7. I would say, if you intend to do proper, advanced drawings, use a proper CAD. SketchUP is very easy to use, however, it is also quite a pain in the ass when making more advanced models. I am currently learning Solid Edge, which is free. It can generate drawings too, so that you can get a drawing like the one of the BMPT-84. Welcome to the forum by the way.
  8. Thanks for the great explanation. But how do you heat treat a tank chassis?
  9. What is austentic and ferritic welding?
  10. What are these high caliber rifles used for?
  11. 148L/10Km for M1A2. 138L/10Km for Leclerc. 72L/10Km for Leopard 2. Source: http://www.ointres.se/projekt_stridsvagn_ny.htm
  12. Just a short question here. In your country, what is the sentence for a single clean cold murder, when the offender has a otherwise clean record? In Norway you are sentenced to 8 years in prison.
  13. How I see it: Based on the same MBT platform that it is supporting, potentially up armoring it. A super structure with a unmanned turret with a single 30mm gun in the middle and a 7,62mm MG that can elevate up to 75 degrees. On each side is a RCWS, with a 12,7mm HMG and a grande launcher. The right RCWS is integrated with the commanders panoramic sight, while the other RCWS could carry heavier armament. The commander has a towed UAV which can be elevated above the vehicle for a Birdseye view of the environment. On each side of the turret are mounting racks for ATGMs and similar ar
  14. You missed the point. The point was to reduce the danger zone. A suppressor works by using sound baffles to expand the gas, slowing it down and cooling it. It decreases both sound and muzzle blast. Not sure how subsonic ammunition is relevant here, considering we are talking about tanks, were the engine roar can be heard from miles away. No need for a huge suppressor to reduce everything to comfortable levels, just a small enough reduction that the infantry can actually stand close to the tank. I am no physics engineer or doctor though, so I can't really calculate th
  15. Has any AFV ever been designed with a suppressor or alike to reduce the effects?
  16. The AN/M2 and the M3 are aircraft mounted, slip stream cooled HMGs, with thinner, lighter barrels. It would overheat very quickly and would need to be down rated to below the normal M2. If you want a higher rate of fire you would need a thicker barreled version, or a water cooled version. Maybe the FN M3P could work?
  17. Image uploading site, like imagur. Oh well, I guess the French needs their quirks.
  18. What did you dislike about the AMX-10RC, or armored vehicles in general? Everything counts, even lack of space for snacks for that matter. Also, could a modified version of this turret be used as a modular turret for medium weight AFVs? It does appear to be almost completely overhead, and by hanging the bustle over the rear we get around the issue elevation. I could imagine a modernized and modified version of this fitted on IFV chassis for fire support missions.
  19. Would a high speed puls counter connected to the trunnion be good enough? Or would the barrel flex too much? Also, the frenchies made (almost) Zuk's wet dream:
  20. Like Zuk pointed out, the gun needs to be laid, which takes time. And I am also concerned about the barrel overheating. Though, a ready rack drum could be used for 5-10 rounds. Weird project by the Ukrainians, I find the Merkava more practical to be honest. Isn't the LeClerc's gun mechanically linked to the gunners sight?
  21. Got a simple hull drawing here: Going to make the turret later, got to improve my skills with Solid Edge.
  22. My issue is the huge empty space on each side of the gun, shouldn't it be possible to fit two drums on each side? Roughly this size: Welcome to the forum James! Zuk here used the Meggit autoloader as a example because the Leclerc autoloader only fits around 16 rounds, might be 21, but still way to low. This forum is growing fast. Nice to hear that Tovarish might be coming over. A oscillating turret are quite tall, or has to have less gun depression/elevation. I think a cleft turre
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