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  1. ATGM Spike LR fire from ZSSW-30 turret based on Rosomak APC.
  2. Yes, turret frotn is rather like this: Turret sides - definetly:
  3. 1) In table are mixed values form estern and western block - but in fact the only one big diffrence is slighty overestimated soviet turrets vs KE due to using as referencial non-monoblock APFSDS-T in Soviet Union. Rest is showing just some general level of the frontal protection. What is more important - those table data are based on RADE, CIA, and Soviets orginal data. Have You have something better? I don't. 2) and 4): Indeed - "safe angle" in Mk.1 is smaller and in article it's mentioned very clearly: 3) IMHO nope, those thickenss have fluent value :-) It's mucht bigger in lower past of the cast (ca 80mm) and the thinnest in upper part, again - it was noticed: IMHO it wil be easier if you just read whole article not only tables. And those Mk.1 part:
  4. It's my old work from circa 2016 and it's not very accurate IMHO. It's based on NTW magazine draw and my own estimatous but mostly based on otvaga topic about israeli armour.
  5. Hi, My point of wiev (in english) about Merkava Mk.I Hope that without bigger mistakes Here: The myth of Merkava - FragOut! magazine.
  6. IMHO you are looking to far. South Korea have (without doubt) two armour technology: 1) K1 and K1A1 so basicly america NERA, and looking at thickenss im preatty sure that is well known NERA from M1 in general shape or style: 2) T-80U from SU or it's late variant. So basily second or experimental third lyout: For me it's sure that in worst scenario A+B armour type will give quide good protection and in K2 we have two nice chamber: IMHO NERA in 1st chamber + layout form 30 degree from T-80U/UD in second one (special armour only) and voila - we have resonable vs KE and CE armour whit no tehnical risk. And cheap.
  7. https://fragout.uberflip.com/i/1281650-frag-out-magazine-30/5? My article about 17 years Wolverine in service. So all about difficult APC Rosomak in Poland. Enjoy!
  8. Longer post in sevral parts. Rosomak wheeled IFV and APC in Afghanistan. Between 2006 and 2014 to Afhganistan where sent 181 "Rosomak's" so 1/3 of overal production between 2005 and 2014. Maksimum number vehicles in Afhganistan where 134. More then 20 where totall loses, and 40 was heavy damages. Couple of the pictures below (opspec ones anf whit fallen soilders will be not posted.) Famous blue on blue, 30mm APFSDS from other Rosomak, whole turret penetration, no KIA and what was mirracle no WIA o.O: After small AP mine (soviet green parrot propably) After 2x PG-7, no KIA sevral light WIA, home made bar amrour mostly faild: PG-7: No KIA light WIA Sevral diffrent APCs after light IED: Damage vehicle taking home, after exams - totall los (bent hull and frame structures): Damege gun station after PG-7 hit and others hits: (again - no KIA ) Side armour after hit: IED no KIA: IED no KIA, WIA: Massive IED, KIA and WIA: Massive IED KIA and WIA: Huge IED but no KIA, after that vehicle canibalizated and blow up in A-stan: Massive IED. Sevral heavy WIA no KIA:
  9. IMHO only 35deg couse the overall LOS is too small for 0 deg.
  10. IMHO the point it's diffrent - those younger test station it's only new ERA (or diffrent slopped) before a lot of the RHA. This older test station (T-80U "turmfront") have some special armour inside this box after ERA. So it's completly diffrent target...IMHO more relevant in compare to tank
  11. It's test target from Germany (RHM) pretend to be russian tank , a lot of RHA...in compare to turret front of the T-80U test station here: (RHM erly 1990s)
  12. Next part part of poor quality photos:
  13. My old photos of the polish Leopard 2A4
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