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  1. 21 hours ago, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:

    Did it come with its computer, and will all your gauges and shit work?  I see you got ACDelco parts, and cheaper stuff, smart.  


    No computer or anything. Paid 250 bucks for the engine. But my truck's computer can work with it I believe. Swapping everything out with AC Delco or Delphi for what counts. Waiting on an alternator/power steering bracket to arrive so I can finish with the accessories.

    I'm still researching exactly what I'll need to mate up the transmission. I think I just need to swap out the flywheel, but it might also need a different throw-out bearing. 


    My current Wiring harness can be cut to work with this engine as well. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:


     How many miles does it have on it?   


    The new parts look so out of placed. Its funny to think that thing is pushing 20 years. 

    Engine has 143k miles on it. It's from a 1999 GMC Sierra. Early series Ls engine. Just what I was looking for to stick in my 1996 chassis/1995 body Silverado GMT400.

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