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  1. We'll never know. The perp offed himself right after. Give it 72 hours and more will be clear.
  2. I like how the media is attempting to rewrite the gaition dougus patient zero story when it comes to aids. Sure he wasn't patient zero in North America. But he gave hiv to literally hundreds of dudes across the Continent so that's something to write about.
  3. 12 now. There were 6 off duty cops in the bar. One sergent was killed. This happens literally a day after Diane wins her office. And in California, which is super corrupt. I dunno man. I don't want to think this is anything more than gang bullshit. But it's getting harder and harder to imagine this as senseless violence.
  4. Man, Brett's fucking ragers with the justices are probably at fault. I'd like to think he was holding her legs as she did a keg stand, and an intern caught his attention and ginsburg fell. All the while @roguetechie is in the back ground handing out lines.
  5. https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/
  6. I'll just say that my contribution was pseudocode that you then translated correctly.
  7. I never saw this clip. Reagan saying "miss me" after a balloon pops soon after his assassination attempt.
  8. My mother did her part to REMOVE HOG tonight. Alt text: a wild @Sturgeon appeared!
  9. Naw, if you ever date here in the states girls will stalk you on social media. If you don't have a presence, that's a red flag. I see the same thing here. No social media presence? Must be a loon.
  10. https://wcbs880.radio.com/articles/lawmakers-drafting-bill-would-allow-social-media-checks-gun-purchase?fbclid=IwAR3pxC3FMSPmsdqxaJoBp1tFDq17lUEQJejeRG9xHiYal-W2zpqRoZx4WSM Lawmakers Drafting Bill That Would Allow Social Media Checks Before Gun Purchase
  11. The implication that don thinks anime girls are real. Weebs can handle about two body pillows at a time. That's it.
  12. It's a classic NPC if statement. It gets used whenever there's a male they dislike. If: disagree = true Then person = small penis
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