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  1. 20 people reported dead so far in El Paso. Haven't looked into it yet other than headlines. We'll see what the motives are probably tomorrow.
  2. Shooting in an El Paso mall. My take? A distraction for a drug running operation occurring that day as well.
  3. Ready for the dumbest video ever @Scolopax? "We've got 10 hours. CAN WE BEAT THE ORIGINAL DARK SOULS IN ONE FLIGHT?!?!?!" Are you fucking serious? They aren't doing All Bosses. They are doing standard route. The world record is just over an hour for ALL BOSSES. But that's just a fluke, right? No, because I beat it glitchless at level 1 in 3.5 hours. Fucking game journalists.
  4. I hate hackers so much. Even the "lol I'm like a boss" hackers. Because it's rarely clever and it's still hacking. It's just a silly excuse.
  5. The left creates a narrative of "white males are the real terrorists" because it's part of an identitarian push to give their voters a unifying enemy. The left is big about unity and bringing people together to vote for a specific party. To do this they need an enemy, and you can't make an enemy out of people who are already likely to vote for your group. So you create an enemy out of a group that's least likely to vote for you in the first place.
  6. Looks like the shooter is Iranian. Story has already been buried.
  7. 11 casualties reported at 7:48 PM tonight at a Garlic festival in Gilroy California. Bay area. @Jeeps_Guns_Tanks https://www.nbcnews.com/news/crime-courts/multiple-victims-reported-possible-shooting-gilroy-garlic-festival-n1035546
  8. "Lord Shadow Regent" has got to be the best title ever. Also fucking Based Boris has arrived.
  9. I would 100% daily this thing. I want an offroad fast car now.
  10. Pretty standard for trap-setters to get off basically free. I don't understand it, honestly. Setting traps shows a level of malicious intent that goes beyond a "whoopsie I wasn't paying attention and hit you". It shows that the person is legitimately kooky in the brain. There was a bunch of traps set in Washington on trails by a retired medical doctor a few years back. Same thing, people got hurt but when he was in court his defense was "How is this a crime?"
  11. Nice! I love "0%" stuff. I like Dark Souls level 1 speedruns. Found this just now.
  12. I cannot fathom the dissonance required to not see that an executive order to take weapons from citizens is horrendously fascist.
  13. Wow thanks @Collimatrix you're such a cool guy.
  14. More level 1 invasion fun. Poop knife meta I could technically level up 9 times and upgrade my weapons, but I feel like that would just be unsportsmanlike.
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