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  1. If I recall correctly, he tested the accuracy out of his "Supermosin" bench rest 7.62x54R and it printed sub MOA.
  2. Dist has moved onto All Bosses category. This attempt got him 2nd place in the world.
  3. Hot take: the Pontiac Aztek was a decade ahead of it's time.
  4. >Let's not count all conflicts involving Muslims attacking people as "Jihads". >Let's not forget all these other times that Easter Worshippers attacked things. Regardless of how small they were, or how little historical or cultural relevance they had. Because moral relativity.
  5. Decent video illustrating differences between Jihad and Crusades.
  6. The progression of this category has been insane.
  7. So everybody, who here thinks Church Bombings are bad? Raise your hand. All of you? Fucking alt-right bastards. Obviously. Where's your tolerance?
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