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  1. The only guns Toxn likes are ones with poison in their bullets. But God forbid you use them against wild pigs. Enemies of the state, however, are fair game.
  2. If only you had some sort of method of properly fighting back against tyranny... All jokes aside, how has violent crime trended in the past ten to fifteen years in the UK?
  3. I'm simply asking if the current knife laws are working to prevent these objects from being obtained. We have one report of someone using one to threaten innocent people. This isn't the only case. So what can the UK change to stop these incidents from happening? From people getting their hands on knives?
  4. That looks like the cheap Chinese shit they sell at gas stations or bad gun shows here in the states. And it's an illegal item in the UK. And an 18 year old obtained one and is openly threatening people with it. And those people are likely law abiding and helpless. So what is the solution, @Sgt.Squarehead? Do they need to close the zombie knife loophole?
  5. You can't possibly be talking about obtaining a registration without first the proper certificates?
  6. Right. And I agree a mental institution is no cakewalk, but I have never known a paranoid schizophrenic to work. Much less one capable of beheading someone. And yes I've known a few.
  7. My question still remains. I read the article. This is the part that stood out to me. He was not previously diagnosed. Paranoid Schizophrenia victims that hold down a job are fairly rare. It all just seems so deliberate. Hacking off someone's head isn't a quick and easy thing like killing cats.
  8. How is the insanity plea defined in the UK? From what I understand here in the States, it usually defends individuals who accidentally hurt others due to their illness. I'm at a loss as to how someone accidentally cuts an old woman's head off.
  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-33239870 Yo @Sgt.Squarehead you know anything about this case?
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