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  1. KNIFE CRIME ISLAND IS SAFE. For reference, I carried this exact knife (buck 110) all through high school. That's right, in PUBLIC SCHOOL. *gasp!*
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/D1wiKLk https://i.imgur.com/6ZGQBFQ.mp4
  3. I can see why some of this was removed. I can also see that they could have incorporated so much more into the game. Profaned Capital is blatantly obvious. That was meant to be a MUCH bigger area. I think DS3 had huge shoes to fill, and there are definite improvements that could have been made. A lot of the re-balancing made the game pretty bland. Later on, they tried to buff poison, bleed, blessed, infusions but it was a little too late. The BIGGEST thing I think should have happened? They made you start in the undead settlement, and then you have multiple progression paths. DS3 is SUPER linear compared to 1 and 2. Honestly, once I beat the game a few times with a few different builds it was just shitty. I had no desire to go back and PVE unless I was doing a level 1 run or a speedrun. Combine that with build diversity being really bad early on (Early magic users, early hollow, even early dex really suck) and the fact that you have to go into new game plus for more respec attempts. AND the fact that NG+ is really, really shitty? Come on, at least Dark Souls 2 added more fucking enemies to their NG+ cycles. If fucking DS2 can do it so can you, ds3. The best thing I can say about DS3 is that it feels GREAT. It's the best game as far as controls and movement is concerned, hands down. They probably spent a ton of time on that and the lore was optional. They're like, "The Youtubers will fill in the blanks we leave."
  4. Not sure without more pictures. And I'm not sure I have ever bothered fucking with my rear drums. 90% of stopping on my truck is in my front anyway.
  5. @Xoon do you have drum brakes on all four wheels?
  6. Most houses I've ever seen or lived in had furnaces that heated air via natural gas and then sent that through the ducts.
  7. Average high/low temp in January for Columbus Ohio is 2.3/-6.5 in C. Italy is 11/3, in C. So italy is warmer, true. You are correct. But enough to warrant retrofitting? You assume houses have tile floors here. Thats not correct for many places. And th cost of a retrofit would pay for heating a house for years.
  8. Ohio is 40 degrees latitude. Italy is 41 degrees in latitude. So it might have colder winter than the southern US, but it's not exactly a chilly place like Norway. I've heard of heated floors, but they only make sense in certain situations.
  9. Trailerhomes have "subfloor heating" technically.
  10. Norway is roughly the same latitude as northern Canada, and just four degrees south of the latitude of Alaska. So yeah. Heated floors make more sense there. Where I grew up, it hit 110 F in the summers and had 50 percent humidity. And basements didn't exist because the water table was just a few meters below the ground. If not just a meter in some areas.
  11. Where are you from, again? A majority of the US lies nearly on the same latitude as northern Africa.
  12. Haha nice! It's crazy the kind of effect it makes. I ran to the shop this morning (literally) and picked up the truck. My God, the difference is night and day. It handles five times better I swear. Feels smoother down the road. And they priced me fair for what they did.
  13. Looks like I'm replacing the half shaft, pads, and rotors on my truck as well. Picking it up tomorrow. That kicked the cost up a bit.
  14. I Used to hand out watermelons from a patch back home to shoe pushers and grandparents. Miss Betty loved me. I get offered up drugs and squares off of kids in backpacks that roamed the street after school. I was the only white guy on my street and everybody knew me. I had the main dealer on speed dial in case I "ever wanted anybody fucked up" cause I helped him with his car once. But I'm freakishly white. Welcome, brother. And yeah black on black kill the fuck out of each other. It's sad as shit.
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