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  1. Hey @Alzoc and other Europeans , I heard reports of the French shooting at protestors with live ammo. Any truth to it?
  2. Stadium supertruck racing is like something out of my 9 year old wildest dreams.
  3. I do a lot of work on my own, but I will pay someone else to mess with ball joints. Especially ones that are old as shit and seen over 20 winters without getting touched. I don't have a torch or a press, but I do have a shop that will do whatever I want as long as I provide the parts.
  4. We check enough DSM-6 boxes to earn a closet full of straight jackets around here.
  5. It'll probably be just fine then. Is it a mummy bag? I can't lie, I have an issue with those. I need more feet room.
  6. I should really cross post this in the speedrunning thread. But...
  7. I have no experience with that particular bag. Is the bivvy waterproof? I have a three season lightweight and an emergency bivvy it can go into. It's good down to 30 easily. I have a four seasons synthetic that if I bivvy would cook me. And my wife and I have a double that's huge and only suitable for car camping but it fits us plus a small dog. I would rather have a lighter bag and a bivvy than multiple components to remove for different situations. My bivvy plus bag weigh about a pound (3 season).
  8. If you have nudes from our glorious leaders you are required to post them. It's the law.
  9. Just dropped off my 1996 Silverado for all new Moog tie rod ends, pitman, idler, upper and lower ball joints, and wheel hub assemblies. I'm not sure if they have ever been replaced.
  10. It's heavy. What are you using it for? What temp range camping? I've got probably 4 or 5 sleeping bags of all types.
  11. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING POST IS NOT SAFE FOR KNIFE CRIME ISLAND. I was nosing around an antique mall with wife and friend today. Found a few pocket knives, but no Old Timers or Case knives. But then I managed to spot this thing sitting on a high shelf. Blade didn't seem pitted. Sheath needed some work. So I busted out some polishing material and a dremel. Turned out decently. I have no idea of the make or the age. Looks like a rat tail tang but it's weighted very well. I'm going to put an edge on it and check the length next.
  12. At the 3:00 mark you see a perfect example of someone who does not believe in the "Lockers before Lightbars" mantra.
  13. Digging this Faith build. That second Blue knew what he was doing, which is a rarity.
  14. I'm still coming back after a nasty collarbone break. But I got out and did some hiking near where I work today. Last picture is looking West.
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