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  1. I read this entire post, and the experimentalist in me feels victimized. Since you're in thermo (join the club), you should also know that carnot cycles for anything only give a dimensionless efficiency value designating the maximum energy transfer rates, ignoring all other variables, at a set temperature (or pressure if you get wonky). So, yes, a heavier bullet would, on paper, be more efficient with combustion. But that efficiency gain is peanuts when compared with what crimping does to a cartridge. The difference in projectile mass on a small arms scale is negligible thermodynamically given your scenario. Now, if you're putting together a potato cannon, we can get together and talk numbers. That's a much more interesting process, in terms of PdV etc etc. Plus it's something anyone can do! I'm currently (in my off time that's not spent sending dirty pictures to Sturgeon) looking at building a PVC pipe gauss cannon.
  2. You'd be surprised at how close they are in price. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Daisy-2400ct-BB-Ammo/15729970 http://www.walmart.com/c/kp/airsoft-ammo But the real kicker: Daisy's are $20 a gun. A decent airsoft cost way more, especially back in the day. I've still got both my eyes.
  3. Trees, glasses, a few layers, and Daisey BB guns. Cheaper than Airsoft or Paintball. And develop a distinct appreciation for keeping your head down.
  4. Well, I would look up the implications, but I dont want that search history. Suffice.to say that in all my time raising and breeding horses, it was never an issue.
  5. I believe you all are overthinking tgis device. This device looks to be designed with the intention of limiting a stallion's ability to breed. You see, we never had such a problem, because we kept our stallions in their own pen, away from the mares when we did not want to encourage breeding. However, back in the day, where land and material may have been at a premium, this appears to be a much cheaper option for assuring a proper breeding schedule. But yeah, sure, tell yourself its an anti-masturbatory device and giggle at the apparant sexual repression of a past culture. Project project project away.
  6. Battle in the Streets. Terrorists on domestic soil? It's a bit on the nose.
  7. Never start a book series at the beginning. That way, every book is in the "mystery" genre.
  8. Girl looks in need of a tan and a hug. I can provide at least one of those. Hope she brought sun screen.
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