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  1. Looks like a Danish girl got raped and beheaded on camera while visiting a traditionally Muslim country. I won't post the link. Look it up if you're a sicko.
  2. So here's the deal. Dark souls remastered is fucking insulting. not only did they kill the entire DS1 playerbase by removing the original game from Steam, they forced people who already had the game to buy it if they wanted the "remastered" edition. Which was just a shitty vis-mod with a 60 FPS patch! Did you know who DIDN'T charge customers for a game they already head? FUCKING BETHESDA! The biggest slap in the face? The PC DS1 port was so shitty that a 60fps fix was implemented by a modder 27 minutes after it released. And then Fromsoft tried to sue that guy. With very little success. This is when I basically gave up on Fromsoft. The first problem was when they started balancing items around PvP, instead of just giving them separate PvP stats. I have a TON of critiques but don't feel like penning them all right now. The above video is a good one.
  3. So I got back on this game after my collarbone break and have started putting together a Faith build. And I gotta say, I am enjoying it so far.
  4. I bet the wife said, "Honey, your old car isn't safe and can't have a baby seat in it. We can't use this as a family vehicle!" That's how I got my tacoma...
  5. https://gunfreezone.net/moms-demand-teaches-gun-safety-by-violating-the-four-rules-and-then-gets-interesting/?fbclid=IwAR3WqoRYItVy5hLOcJFOLVZ0BJu1Y4K4rYqkJCYyvLn4SBEKv2K_TYqw5XQ Help me out here. I trained years ago as IDPA Safety Officer and then as NRA Certified Safety Officer and then NRA Instructor who did the Home Firearm Safety Course module. Maybe I missed that part of the training in all those instances, but I do not seem to recall the part where you get to grab a gun by the muzzle! Holy fucking instructional chicanery, Batman! But wait, there is more. Did you notice the Powerpoint presentation with the Gun Safety Rules? Click to enlarge If you pay a bit of attention to the small print, you will discover something funny. Are they using info retrieved from the National Sports Shooting Foundation, an organization they vilified so much for selling “evil assault rifles” that only the NRA is higher in the list of venomous propaganda? I should be mad (and I am a bit) but it also is great proof that Moms Demand, as much as they call themselves a “Gun Safety Organization” have not created anything substantial other than buying legislators to push Gun Control and if they are pushed into providing actual teaching classes on Gun Safety, they must rely on “the enemy.” And still, they screw it up.
  6. Ten years from now brexit will be remembered as a great idea.
  7. I couldn't buy pistol ammo till I was 21 in Texas. So I bought a press and all the components and I made my own ammo. Laws suck.
  8. https://i.imgur.com/qspQkhg.mp4 https://imgur.com/qspQkhg
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/607508352617181/permalink/2207451575956176/?sale_post_id=2207451575956176 @Ulric
  10. Don't know if it's pirate-able yet. But if it is, check it out. I'll be curious to see how much money it makes. It was a seriously good doc. My wife and her friend were on edge the for 100 minutes straight. More thrills in this movie than any horror movie ever.
  11. John Deer said that a few years ago. Lemme find the article. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbloomberg/2017/04/30/john-deeres-digital-transformation-runs-afoul-of-right-to-repair-movement/#13330dcd5ab9 John Deere's Digital Transformation Runs Afoul Of Right-To-Repair Movement https://www.wired.com/2015/04/dmca-ownership-john-deere/ WE CAN'T LET JOHN DEERE DESTROY THE VERY IDEA OF OWNERSHIP
  12. Why was it even connected to anything during an event?
  13. This isn't new news, or really hard hitting news, but for Americans my age who watched TV, it's pretty weird. I thought this was just some bullshit meme shit. But nope. He's got permanent memory loss.
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