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  1. Thnk you very much. IMO optimizing the balance of crew positions and armor modulesis a good way to increase protection and survivebility, for example here we can place gunner and commander closer turret armor increasing their angles protection, while sights been placed backwards.
  2. Nice job. Can you do schemes with armor and crew locations? Interesting to see how armor modules protect the crew. And photo like thiswith crewmembers
  3. Oh i am sorry, i didn't knew. Don't delete this post, post more
  4. Something interesting from the net bout old concepts of future tanks: British MBT-95 Concept B Some info bout Leclerc's development history and it's prototypes AS 22 AS 40 Source and some photos with other countries concepts https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404069024974698593&jumpfrom=weibocom&featurecode=20000180&oid=4088587316553107&lfid=1076031728875812&luicode=10000370
  5. He can(Oplot-M) for new BKP with GOP-900 Hydraulic transmission http://www.morozov.com.ua/eng/body/gop900.php
  6. Made by Wiedzmin from Otvaga for Leo 2A4, is it true? For camparison Leo 2A6(Strv 122) and 2A4
  7. A big article in russian about ERA in USSR http://btvt.narod.ru/raznoe/dz68.htm or http://armor.kiev.ua/Tank/dz/1968/ Maquette with U-5TS gun and cast glacis with edges Maquette number 2 Layouts of equal glacis constructions, RHA; KDZ-68; RHA-STEF(glass textolite)-RHA - in USSR in mid 60-s was made KDZ-68 ERA better than mid-80-s Kontakt-5 in durability(destroying only of 5% percent of ERA by hit of SC's versus 30% destroy in K-5); - Blazer ERA had not any influence on Kontakt-1 ERA, cause K-1 was prepared by the time of Lebanon war started in 1982 and was tested in army; - Blazer - surname of one of KDZ-68 constructors. Coincidence? Don't think so
  8. Paralay drawing is wrong in consctruction of hull armor, it seems that T-14 has thick(about 700 mm i guess) upper/lower one-detail glacis and ERA module on it:: Both made on otvaga forum This one found in internet, but it's armor is too thin imho
  9. Hello Lightning, do you have picture from your avatar in larger resolution? Do you also have other pictures and drawings with soviet objects? Can you post them if you have? Thanks!
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