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  1. There is no topic for tank FCS ,so I ask a question here. Is it possible to replace the human gunner by a computed one in current technology? If not,what problems with it? Thanks!
  2. It seems that the original auto-loader was replaced by T-72/90 style auto-loader,am I right?
  3. LP-91 was designed for Ob.477A1/A2 Nota l thought. Nota got a new auto-loader for longer ammunition
  4. The MT-12R anti-tank cannon is fitted with a MMW radar. My question is: Is it possible to hit a moving tank target via the MMW fire control radar only? And how to aim the target via radar scope?Does its radar FCS works automatically? Thanks!
  5. Hi,I've a question on the Relikt ERA. How does it against tandem-charge HEAT round? Won't it trigger by the forward charge?
  6. And what about the status of Ukrainian 3BM-44U1/U2 rounds?
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