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  1. This has been pretty fun since the Reaper changes. The new cabin also manages to keep the guns around a lot longer, and a legendary generator gives you enough power for the track bonus engine and a missile. I still tend to default to shotgun builds if I don't want to try.
  2. When you want something to change, but are too useless and pathetic to change anything. couldn't get that image to work here.
  3. Chuck Tingle has a Humble Bundle
  4. Did you know that things that you write down can be used to corroborate your own story?
  5. Still wouldn't shock me in the slightest. At minimum public explanation of the event has been so opaque that it's hard to look at the West favorably.
  6. I mean since this got skipped I'll toss it in, just for clarification: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Powers_Resolution I think wikiped is reasonable for this though I'd be happy to find another. We can attack without declaring war for 60 days. Not that this is followed for dicks though, since it's hard to determine where an individual conflict starts and ends. This act, along with a lot of what we've done in Syria is a potential violation AFAIK (I'm not sure if there as actually been a Authorization for Use of Military Force). With that said, yes, the president can do this if the previous attacks were not considered part of the same military action (?). Nobody appears to be stepping up to the plate calling this out either, since it seems to be acceptable to Washington as a whole. Also the law in and of itself is controversial, as described on the page. But yeah, I think this situation is pretty bloody lame as we still have absolutely no confirmation of chemical weapon attacks that is reliable. Furthermore, perpetrators of previous chemical weapon attacks are still disputed, to the point where I'm not only unsure, but personally do not believe that Syria has gassed its people at all during this conflict. Not only are UN reports unable to confirm whether or not the government was actually involved in chemical weapon use, it doesn't make any sense for them to do it in the first place. Why the hell would you jeopardize your success in the region with something so pathetic, and with the US stating it wants to pull out. Even if it had happened earlier on in the conflict, this instance looks to me like a false flag (though I'm definitely not an expert in this situation).
  7. Somewhat strange for me but what the hell. Also yes, this is the Steve Earle from "Copperhead Road".
  8. Meanwhile swords are back in in Texas: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/08/30/en-garde-texas-open-carry-sword-law-takes-effect-friday/619064001/ Honestly the best timeline.
  9. God I can't stand Jim Sterling anymore. From "Cuphead is elitist because of its difficulty" to "Warframe's cosmetics being expensive is mean" to "Far Cry 5 isn't good enough because it's too similar to its predecessor, but its actually great". Add in approval of Doxxing and a side of overblown pretense to his character and I'm no longer interested in watching a landwhale put on a wig and makeup and cringefest for 15 minutes. If I want ruthless cynicism I'll watch Zero Punctuation. His video on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was fantastic and I wish he would do some actual journalism again instead of whine. Even his regular Far Cry 5 review is full of this bullshit, I was curious to see if it was actually unique or not but it's mostly just a lower effort version of his Ubification rant. Oh, and can confirm Far Cry 5 is really good. If you couldn't stand FC4 and FC3 was fun for you, I highly recommend 5. It's got a much better environment to play around in and the game feels a lot more polished. Also the Co-op is huge fun. Not to say it's completely devoid of the issue brought up here, but I hardly think that's central to the fact that it sets out to do something and then does it well.
  10. Low energy. Sad. Gotta leverage that dead-angling shit. Can't be parried, fuck em son.
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